Saved Searches Added to Product Search!

DistributorCentral has added another feature to the intelligent product search engine. We’ve created a flexible Saved Search feature that will accommodate every distributor, big or small. Use the Saved Search to view your preferred search collections quickly when doing product research inside of DistributorCentral. Within DistributorCentral’s contemporary product search engine, simply apply any combination of search criteria and save it once. Each time you log in thereafter,

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OneSource Launches the Industry’s First PromoStandards Product Inspection Tools

This week OneSource launched the industry’s first PromoStandards product inspection tools. Now, regardless of technical expertise, every supplier can verify that their product data is accurate and complete. PromoStandards product data uses a complex technical format that requires extensive technical knowledge and a deep understanding of PromoStandards to decipher. As a result, most suppliers find it difficult to review the product information their customers see. OneSource removes

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Release Notes: 20 New Features!

On Dec 4, 2018, DistributorCentral launched 20 new features for distributors. Incorporate your favorite ProductCentral features onto your website! Watch a recording of our webinar outlining all the features and how to implement them on our website. Instant Search Auto-populates the first 3 products based on the keywords being typed in. Now available in the Quick Search bar of all websites. Product of the Day The Product

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Release Vlog: ProductCentral, Instant Search, & More

Lead Developer, William, walks you through all the cool new features that DistributorCentral released on Wed, Oct 3, 2018. ProductCentral We’re excited to introduce ProductCentral, an idea generator for distributors, meant to help you discover products faster. Powered by the industry’s first intelligent search engine, you’ll be able to see what’s trending with recommendations made specifically for you based on your recent searches.  You can also quickly

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Legacy Website Platform Discontinued – FAQs

On October 1, 2018, DistributorCentral's legacy website platform will be discontinued. All websites will have to be re-created in our new responsive website platform to continue working properly. Why is DistributorCentral discontinuing the legacy website builder? DistributorCentral launched their award-winning, mobile-responsive website builder platform in 2015.  Since then Google and other search engines have redesigned their search algorithms to show preference to websites that are mobile-friendly. Those

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