Release Notes: SSL

DistributorCentral recently completed the infrastructure updates needed to host Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates for our hosted websites. SSL is the standard security technology used to ensure an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. In addition to the security benefits, SSL certificates are now being required by the various browsers in order for your website to not be flagged as insecure while simultaneously providing

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Release Notes: New Hosting Manager

DistributorCentral has released a new Hosting Manager, consolidating three areas, so that now customers can easily manager their websites, domains, and email in one location.  This upgrade not only gives users a more intuitive navigation, but it also allows users more flexibility in domain hosting options and SEO redirects. This release sets a foundation that will allow DistributorCentral to meet new standards set outside of our industry.

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Legacy Website Platform Discontinued – FAQs

On October 1, 2018, DistributorCentral's legacy website platform will be discontinued. All websites will have to be re-created in our new responsive website platform to continue working properly. Why is DistributorCentral discontinuing the legacy website builder? DistributorCentral launched their award-winning, mobile-responsive website builder platform in 2015.  Since then Google and other search engines have redesigned their search algorithms to show preference to websites that are mobile-friendly. Those

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Release Notes: New Product Image Upload

DistributorCentral now offers a new product image uploader. Immediately, you will notice a cleaner design, but the biggest updates are under the hood, because the upgrade makes adding product images faster and it’s easier to use: The new image uploader is more lenient on the types of files you can use. Filetypes accepted include JPG’s, GIF’s, and now PNG’s Once an image is added, it will immediately

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DistributorCentral is Launching a New Dashboard in January of 2018

There is an exciting new face-lift to the DistributorCentral dashboard that will be launching January of 2018. "We are excited to move the DistributorCentral dashboard to the next stage in modernization...", says DistributorCentral's User Experience Designer, Rachel Dykes. What's New? We have replaced the horizontal navigation menu, at the top, with a modern side-menu that is now located down the left of the page. Other changes you will see

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