PromoStandards 2022 Tech Summit is Rescheduled, Will Take Place in February 2023

BETHLEHEM, PA – PromoStandards is announcing its decision to host its first Tech Summit in Tampa, FL from February 19 to February 21, 2023. The event, originally scheduled for October 2022, was postponed due to Hurricane Ian. It’ll still take place at the Tampa Marriott Water Street hotel and the agenda remains largely unchanged. The Dine-Around will be held on the first day of the summit. A

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PromoStandards Hosted Its First Annual Hack-A-Thon, Brought Teams Together to Solve Promotional Product Industry Challenges

BETHLEHEM, PA – PromoStandards hosted its first Hack-a-Thon, sponsored by Essent, virtually from September 19 to September 26, 2022. During this annual event, cross-functional teams use PromoStandards protocols to access trading partner data and services to develop solutions for real-world promotional product industry challenges. “PromoStandards and Essent, along with the PromoStandards community, have a shared vision to remove friction from the supply chain through tight trading partner

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Coming Together to Solve a Major Pain Point of Our Industry

PromoStandards is a data standard that creates a consistent process of sending and receiving data electronically within the promotional products industry. Widely accepted by large distributors and suppliers, PromoStandards alleviates price and order inaccuracies that our industry has faced in the past. Major industry participants have agreed to become PromoStandards compliant and have invested resources to do so. While PromoStandards is a solid path forward for big

Attention Email Marketers: Apple iOS 15 is Coming. Here’s What You Need to Know

The Internet (and its unprecedented access to data) has turned marketing into a science. With thanks to digital marketing and ever-more effective Martech stacks, we have grown accustomed to granular-level customer data. This has allowed us to target and segment our audiences effectively and reach them with the most relevant content, products, and services through email marketing. With its latest changes, Apple iOS 15 is set to

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Building with Blocks: How OneSource User Interfaces are Born

Technology is often uncomfortable. Using new applications meaningfully requires learning an alien user interface, with all of its quirks and bugs. It’s no wonder that the top 1% of app publishers generate 80% of all downloads. When people have a choice, they choose familiarity. In business, we can’t avoid new tech. We use tools that exist to get the job done. When we encounter new problems, we

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