Product Data Best Practices

  As a promotional product supplier, having effective, ecommerce-friendly product data is the single most important marketing investment you can make.  Mediocre and long-winded product data prevents the search engine from displaying your products...losing views and sales.  So, make it easier for distributors and their customers to find and buy your products online. Increase product views and orders by taking the time to improve your listings. Remember

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3 Techniques to Get the Most Out of DistributorCentral

While every supplier we work with is successful, we know you want MORE. More Views More Clicks More Sales Sound about right? Of course it does, you wouldn’t be where you are now without that fighting spirit for more. To help you get more out of DistributorCentral, we’ve taken the time to evaluate products, and talk with our distributors to bring you 3 Techniques to Get the

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6 Staggering Reasons to Invest in a Domain ASAP

A lot can ride on your website’s domain name, from building trust & credibility and generating a sense of professionalism, to reinforcing your brand and generating new leads, a domain name implies that you mean business on the web. An online storefront that customers can quickly access and remember is critical to how well your website does on the internet and is dependent on your website’s domain

3 Unique Websites for the Promotional Products Industry

  Whether you're a distributor, supplier, or multi-line rep in the promotional products industry, here are some out-of-the-box ideas to create unique and useful websites.  Staying top of mind to your customers is becoming increasingly difficult, but these unique websites will become tools that your customers will enjoy using. Unique Website Idea for Distributors – Presentation Websites Why send your customers a boring PowerPoint or PDF when

Keys to Success

These are the top 7 best practices that a promotional product supplier should be doing to be successful using DistributorCentral's platform. 1. Test Your Products Test how your products are viewed and ordered by distributors and end-users by using the Explore DC Like A Distributor link under Shortcuts on your Dashboard. Ensuring your products are easy to find and order will increase your product views and orders

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