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These are the top 7 best practices that a promotional product supplier should be doing to be successful using DistributorCentral’s platform.

1. Test Your Products

  • Test how your products are viewed and ordered by distributors and end-users by using the Explore DC Like A Distributor link under Shortcuts on your Dashboard. Ensuring your products are easy to find and order will increase your product views and orders in DistributorCentral.

2. Properly Fund Your Product Placement

  • Use Product Placement Manager, Product Placement Report, and Top 25 Products with Keywords to help establish spend needs to have the desired impact. Good news!  DistributorCentral helps get you started by giving you back your monthly fees in free Product Placement.  Make sure the products that you are pushing are in line with your other marketing efforts.

3. Host Your Website with DistributorCentral – Included as a PRO Supplier

  • Save time and money by moving your website to DistributorCentral. Updating your products in the DistributorCentral database will also update your product on our network of 8,500 distributor websites and on your website.  Additionally, DistributorCentral’s web platform is mobile responsive, allowing distributors and end-users to have a good viewing experience on a tablet or mobile device.  You can also use DistributorCentral’s websites to create company stores for your top distributors.  If you don’t have a web designer that you work with, we can help you with that as well.

4. Encourage Orders on your DistributorCentral Website

  • Once you have tested your products and moved your website to the DistributorCentral platform, create log-ins for all your top distributor customers, allowing them to order your products and get shipping quotes directly on your website.  You can now offer a discount to distributors for placing their orders online on your website or through DistributorCentral’s online order management system.

5. Unlimited Users

  • Unlike other service providers, DistributorCentral does not charge based on the number of internal log-ins you may need. It’s included!  Make sure your Customer Service and Sales departments know how to use DistributorCentral in case they get phone calls about products on the site.

6. DistributorCentral Email Blasts

  • Expand your reach with DistributorCentral by including email blasts to 30,000 distributors. Quantity discounts available.

7. Free Supplier Specials E-Blast Spot

  • As a PRO Supplier, you can feature one product in one Supplier Specials e-blast per year at no additional charge, subject to availability.