Keys to Success

These are the top 7 best practices that a promotional product supplier should be doing to be successful using DistributorCentral's platform. 1. Test Your Products Test how your products are viewed and ordered by distributors and end-users by using the Explore DC Like A Distributor link under Shortcuts on your Dashboard. Ensuring your products are easy to find and order will increase your product views and orders

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Measuring Email Effectiveness

B2B email marketing continues to be the most popular and quickest return on your investment.  Not only is it one of the least expensive advertising channels, but it also gives you enough space to start a compelling message to your potential customers.  Email marketing is one of the easiest avenues to personalize and tailor to where your leads are in their buying journey. “Email is still the

Product Data Best Practices

  Having effective, ecommerce-friendly product data is the single most important marketing investment you can make to increase product views and orders.  Mediocre product data prevents the search engine from displaying your products when users are trying to find them...losing views and sales.  Keep reading for the top tips on how to make your promotional product data work for you by being more robust and easier to find

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6 Tips for Better Email Marketing Results

1. HAVE A COMPELLING SUBJECT LINE Take time to think of something clever that would cause you to want to open this email. Try to say it all in 50 characters or less. 2. UTILIZE THE HEADLINE TEXT Some email clients display a snippet of preview text next to or near the subject line. Sometimes called the preheader, this bit of text pulls from the first few

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Increasing Sales in a Post-Election World

Soon it will all be over: the accusations, the half-truths, the unclear motives, and the overall insincerity. No, I’m not writing about the most recent season of the Bachelorette; I’m referencing the fact that when this presidential election finally concludes, Americans must find a way to move the economy forward regardless of the eventual winner. One thing that businesses – and Americans – don’t like is uncertainty