Coming Together to Solve a Major Pain Point of Our Industry

PromoStandards is a data standard that creates a consistent process of sending and receiving data electronically within the promotional products industry. Widely accepted by large distributors and suppliers, PromoStandards alleviates price and order inaccuracies that our industry has faced in the past. Major industry participants have agreed to become PromoStandards compliant and have invested resources to do so. While PromoStandards is a solid path forward for big

OneSource Launches the Industry’s First PromoStandards Product Inspection Tools

This week OneSource launched the industry’s first PromoStandards product inspection tools. Now, regardless of technical expertise, every supplier can verify that their product data is accurate and complete. PromoStandards product data uses a complex technical format that requires extensive technical knowledge and a deep understanding of PromoStandards to decipher. As a result, most suppliers find it difficult to review the product information their customers see. OneSource removes

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Web Services Pros Partners with DistributorCentral

Our partnership with DistributorCentral now simplifies automation and integration of your Products and Inventory with OneSource! We are pleased to announce a partnership between Web Services Pros, the industry’s leading PromoStandards and API integration solution specialists, and DistributorCentral, a leading promotional products industry expert with the first intelligent search engine. DistributorCentral understands the complexities of the promotional products market and strives to provide the most efficient and

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DistributorCentral Doubles the Number of Suppliers Available Through PromoStandards

Gardner, Kansas: Today, OneSource by DistributorCentral eagerly announced that all DistributorCentral suppliers now have PromoStandards compliant product data and API endpoints at no additional cost. This breakthrough doubles the number of suppliers to the industry’s official data standard - PromoStandards.org. “With DistributorCentral's ability to convert existing supplier product data into PromoStandards compliant data and generate product endpoints, we have more than doubled the number of industry suppliers

OneSource Powered by DistributorCentral Achieved PromoStandards on behalf of Tervis Tumbler

Gardner, Kansas: Today, OneSource powered by DistributorCentral, announced that Tervis Tumbler Company’s PromoStandards API is now available. This is a crucial milestone for OneSource in its mission to make PromoStandards available to all suppliers, distributors, and service providers in the industry.   OneSource was able to create and host PromoStandards web services for Product Data, Pricing and Configuration Data, and Media on behalf of Tervis Tumbler Company. The