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Gardner, Kansas: Today, OneSource by DistributorCentral eagerly announced that all DistributorCentral suppliers now have PromoStandards compliant product data and API endpoints at no additional cost. This breakthrough doubles the number of suppliers to the industry’s official data standard –

“With DistributorCentral’s ability to convert existing supplier product data into PromoStandards compliant data and generate product endpoints, we have more than doubled the number of industry suppliers with PromoStandards in just a few weeks. I am very excited to see that DistributorCentral is fully committed to lead the industry by becoming the first service provider to offer every supplier, PromoStandards compliant product data as part of their base subscription”.
Jon Norris / Chief Operating Officer – Starline & PromoStandards Chair

Included in DistributorCentral’s supplier subscription, PromoStandards is now a manageable and affordable option for all industry suppliers. As a result, distributors and service providers have access to a vast selection of pre-validated product data in PromoStandards format from a large variety of suppliers at no cost to them.

“We are excited to have been able to make this happen for so many suppliers who were eager to have PromoStandards compliant data, but didn’t have the resources available to make it happen quickly or cost efficiently”.
Tiffany Tarr / VP Sales DistributorCentral.

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To learn more about PromoStandards, click here.

About OneSource: OneSource is the result of a vision that started more than two decades ago at DistributorCentral. It was built from the ground-up to make PromoStandards attainable for every company in the Promotional Products industry, regardless of the company’s technical expertise or size.OneSource is a single and affordable solution for suppliers to offer PromoStandards data.