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Our partnership with DistributorCentral now simplifies automation and integration of your Products and Inventory with OneSource!

We are pleased to announce a partnership between Web Services Pros, the industry’s leading PromoStandards and API integration solution specialists, and DistributorCentral, a leading promotional products industry expert with the first intelligent search engine.

DistributorCentral understands the complexities of the promotional products market and strives to provide the most efficient and complete centralized database to suppliers and distributors. Great numbers of smaller distributors and suppliers were left behind by PromoStandards and small businesses in the promotional products market have been unable to adopt PromoStandards due to the lack of resources such as money, time, and technical competence.

We, at WebServicesPros, as a result of knowledge obtained from dealing with a diverse range of promotional product industry players, enable Distributors, Suppliers, and Decorators to automate entering their Product and Inventory into OneSource regularly and cost-effectively with ease, regardless of their platform, technological skills, and resources.

This automation benefits your business by allowing your customers to see what you have in stock and what is on the way as soon as your inventory levels change.

With combined years of experience in technologies, our collaboration offers solutions even to the most difficult challenges in the industry.

Contact us to explore how automating integration with OneSource can reduce your cost and grow your business!

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