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This week OneSource launched the industry’s first PromoStandards product inspection tools. Now, regardless of technical expertise, every supplier can verify that their product data is accurate and complete.

PromoStandards product data uses a complex technical format that requires extensive technical knowledge and a deep understanding of PromoStandards to decipher. As a result, most suppliers find it difficult to review the product information their customers see. OneSource removes these technical obstacles by decoding PromoStandards product data and translating it into a readable format on OneSource’s new Product Review and Products Manager page.

Product Review

The Product Review is a comprehensive view of the PromoStandards product. Everything from media and marketing points to decoration locations and charges are viewable from a single page within the supplier’s OneSource account.

Suppliers can use the Product Review page to verify accurate product information and more! For example suppliers can:

  • Follow up on product data updates to ensure the correct changes were made and live
  • Present newly PromoStandards compliant product data to stakeholders
  • Use the Product Review page to understand PromoStandards and how their products fit within the standard.
  • View PromoStandards products as a whole and increase product data quality for customers

PromoStandards Product Review

Suppliers: Learn how to access the Product Review page for your products in OneSource with our step-by-step guide: How to Review Your PromoStandards Products

Products Manager Page

The Products Manager page is a high-level view of all of the supplier’s available PromoStandards products. The Products Manager page helps suppliers find missing product information using flags that indicate incomplete products.

Suppliers can use the Products Manager page to view all of their PromoStandards products and more! For example suppliers can:

  • Identify incomplete or unsellable products quickly
  • Check that every product has a primary image available
  • Find a product’s last updated date to ensure the latest product information is active & up-to-date
  • Customize columns to find a specific set of products

Suppliers: Learn how to access the Products Manager page with our step-by-step guide: How to View Your List of PromoStandards Products

OneSource’s product inspection tools improve the industry’s understanding of PromoStandards & data management using human-centered designs to paint a picture for the otherwise indecipherable PromoStandards product data.

About OneSource: OneSource is the result of a vision that started more than two decades ago at DistributorCentral. It was built from the ground-up to make PromoStandards attainable for every company in the Promotional Products industry, regardless of the company’s technical expertise or size.OneSource is a single and affordable solution for suppliers to offer PromoStandards data.

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