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Now carrying many of the world’s most important safety and prevention products. 

 Toronto, April 26, 2023: JustinCase is proud to announce an exclusive and strategic partnership with Alco Prevention, the North American authority in the prevention of drinking and driving and unlawful beverage tampering. 

In a first-of-its-kind partnership in the safety space, JustinCase has acquired the rights to distribute a variety of drinking and driving prevention measures, including the much sought-after one-time breathalyzer tests as well as drink spiking test coasters and drink covers. 

Renowned as the leader in automotive safety kits, first-aid kits, and all things safety, JustinCase has been a powerhouse supplier to the many distributors who service the automotive sector and who have corporate clients intent on protecting and keeping their employees and their stakeholders safe. 

Since the company’s inception in 1997, JustinCase has been recognized as an ASI 5-star rated supplier, a SAGE A+ favorite, and been awarded several “industry’s fastest growing company” designations. 

Says President and Founder of JustinCase Max Baer, 

We’ve built a tremendous amount of credibility with our distributor partners over the years in the safety domain. By adding premium quality safety products from a world-leader in the space such as Alco Prevention, we’re bolstering our offering to help our distributor partners provide more robust solutions for their valued customers. This is a match made in heaven and we’re excited to be able to provide such a much needed new product line to our distributors. This strategic partnership helps position us as the industry’s first choice for safety products and safety kits. 

The highly anticipated new products are now available and viewable on JustinCase’s website. Please click here to see the full range of options. 

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