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American Solutions for Business Raises Funds for Local Kindergarten Classes

Glenwood, MN – October 5, 2021 – American Solutions for Business raised $500 for local kindergarten classes in Glenwood, MN. Every September, ASB’s internal Stewardship Committee holds raffles for the school and distribute to the areas with the greatest need. This year, the school counselor indicated that each kindergarten family is asked to pay $30 to help cover snacks for the year. This is a struggle for

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Brandon Kennedy and BrandCo Marketing Join American Solutions for Business

Glenwood, MN – September 27, 2021 – American Solutions for Business announced that Brandon Kennedy and BrandCo Marketing team has joined the company. Joining the promo industry in 2004, Kennedy has built a loyal customer base and team of 12 dynamic team members to include four sales professionals in Tennessee, Ohio, Newport Beach, CA and BrandCo’s main office and warehouse in Bakersfield, CA.   “I joined ASB

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Attention Email Marketers: Apple iOS 15 is Coming. Here’s What You Need to Know

The Internet (and its unprecedented access to data) has turned marketing into a science. With thanks to digital marketing and ever-more effective Martech stacks, we have grown accustomed to granular-level customer data. This has allowed us to target and segment our audiences effectively and reach them with the most relevant content, products, and services through email marketing. With its latest changes, Apple iOS 15 is set to

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OneSource Launches the Industry’s First PromoStandards Product Inspection Tools

This week OneSource launched the industry’s first PromoStandards product inspection tools. Now, regardless of technical expertise, every supplier can verify that their product data is accurate and complete. PromoStandards product data uses a complex technical format that requires extensive technical knowledge and a deep understanding of PromoStandards to decipher. As a result, most suppliers find it difficult to review the product information their customers see. OneSource removes

2021-08-26T11:32:05-05:00By |OneSource, Release Notes|

Web Services Pros Partners with DistributorCentral

Our partnership with DistributorCentral now simplifies automation and integration of your Products and Inventory with OneSource! We are pleased to announce a partnership between Web Services Pros, the industry’s leading PromoStandards and API integration solution specialists, and DistributorCentral, a leading promotional products industry expert with the first intelligent search engine. DistributorCentral understands the complexities of the promotional products market and strives to provide the most efficient and

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