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PromoStandards is a data standard that creates a consistent process of sending and receiving data electronically within the promotional products industry. Widely accepted by large distributors and suppliers, PromoStandards alleviates price and order inaccuracies that our industry has faced in the past. Major industry participants have agreed to become PromoStandards compliant and have invested resources to do so.

While PromoStandards is a solid path forward for big players in our industry, many smaller distributors and suppliers were left behind. Due to a lack of resources like money, time, and technical expertise, small companies in the promotional products industry have been unable to adopt PromoStandards. Until now, that is.

OneSource, a result of DistributorCentral’s vision, is a set of product and order APIs designed to create a straightforward approach for every player in the promotional products industry, regardless of technical skill or resources available, to send or receive standardized & compliant data. Now, all industry participants, large and small, have the opportunity to adopt and share PromoStandards compliant data with cutting-edge speeds and groundbreaking efficiency.

Utilizing OneSource, DistributorCentral upgraded every DC supplier’s product data to PromoStandards, providing our supplier customers full Promostandards support at no additional charge. Furthermore, every distributor and industry service provider can access this highly reliable, PromoStandards compliant product data, from over 350 suppliers, at no cost.

The DistributorCentral team is currently working on making all DC orders PromoStandards compliant as well! Soon, all distributors can send purchase orders and receive order status updates electronically without any knowledge of Promostandards. Accurate orders to suppliers and (near) real-time order status updates, delivered electronically, will make the entire order process more efficient.

Free to all distributors and service providers, any company in the promotional products industry can exchange purchase orders and invoices with accurate product data from every DistributorCentral supplier.

Would you like to learn more about moving the industry forward for a standardized solution of placing efficient orders with accurate product data? Let’s talk!

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