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A lot can ride on your website’s domain name, from building trust & credibility and generating a sense of professionalism, to reinforcing your brand and generating new leads, a domain name implies that you mean business on the web. An online storefront that customers can quickly access and remember is critical to how well your website does on the internet and is dependent on your website’s domain name. Domain names are the most underestimated piece of creating a website and can make the difference between an online cyber-flop or an online business success.

We are going to cover 6 reasons you should own at least one domain name. But before we dive into those juicy details, you should understand that the simplest function of a domain name is to provide an easy to remember Internet address used to reach your website.

Now that we’ve established the basic purpose of a domain name, lets elaborate on the remaining perks that can make or break your business online.


1. A domain name helps to build customer trust and business credibility.

Your website domain name is as important as your company name when it comes to establishing your business as a trustworthy resource. Without a company name, you wouldn’t expect your business to reach its full potential, and customers might compare it to a dark figure on a street corner selling counterfeit watches from the pockets of its trench coat.

Gain more customer trust of your online storefront with a relevant, easy to read domain name. If you have a transactional website, this is two-fold. Customers will stay on your website longer if they find it credible and feel secure in placing orders online.

Your website is a digital representation of your business and a domain name creates credibility which then generates improved customer trust.

2. Own a domain name to imply professionalism.

Successful online businesses employ a unique domain name on their websites. Matching website and email domain names convey a sense of creditability and professionalism to your customers and prospects. A third-party email address like Gmail or Yahoo sends the message your business might not be your primary business.

Not only will you appear more professional, but you’ll own your email address and can take it with you if you ever change internet providers. Purchase a domain name to rise to a new level of digital professionalism.

3. A domain name further solidifies your brand and trademark.

Brand awareness will differentiate you from competing companies and helps to keep your customers coming back for more. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to increase your brand awareness is to invest in a domain. If you own a domain name, you can keep your brand in front of your audience through each interaction you have with them. Whether it’s while they are on your website browsing or through email correspondence, you have the opportunity to showcase your company’s brand and positively impact customer awareness.

With positive brand awareness and a strong domain name, you’ll make it easy for your current customers to refer new ones. Keep your domain direct and your email address clear so that your brand isn’t easily forgotten.

Investing in a domain name now, rather than later, does more than help to establish your company’s brand on the web. It also could help protect your company in the future if any copyright or trademark disputes arise. Owning a domain name for each of your brand names will give you a step ahead in those circumstances.

Fortify your brand with a domain and email address that is simple, relevant, and memorable in every interaction you have with your customers.

4. A domain name can be informative.

Inform customers about what you do or who you are by using a domain that communicates your brand, strategy, or mission statement. Not only can a strong domain name quickly inform customers, but if it’s concise and includes relevant keywords, you could improve your search engine optimization.

Here are a few ways you can use your domain name to inform your customers:

  • Consider different variations of your company & brand name when deciding on which domain to purchase. If it works well, you could add in keywords, like “promo” or “imprint”, to strengthen your domain.
  • Look at different domain extensions (or top-level domains) to stand apart from competitors and to keep your domain name as concise as possible. Many of your ideal domain picks may already be taken. Using a different top-level domain could help make sure your domain name fits your company well.
    When these aren’t available Try these domain extensions
    .com .biz
    .net .co
    .org .shop


5. A domain name offers better visibility online.

The right domain name will help to increase your website’s search engine optimization and overall visibility. The longer you own a domain that represents your company, the more weight it carries with search engines, like Google, which typically promotes long-standing websites over new ones. The sooner you can snatch up a domain name and connect it to a website, the better!

Pick a domain name that includes keywords relevant to your company so your customers will have a greater chance to find your website when they search for your services or products. To take it up a notch, after you’ve purchased a domain name and have connected to your website, create a free online business listing by signing up for Google My Business. Comparable to the Yellow Pages®, Google My Business provides a business listing online and will help you to reach more customers. Purchase a domain name for better visibility and to establish authority in your business trade.

6. Own a domain name to protect your online reputation.

Your online reputation is very important and is built over time. By owning a domain name (or multiple domain names) you’re in the driver’s seat and can control what content is out there about your company. This level of control helps to avoid any malevolent content that could damage your hard-earned positive brand awareness.


Purchase a domain name for your website today! Doing so is critical to how well your business does online. To get started visit some of these popular domain registrars:

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