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While every supplier we work with is successful, we know you want MORE.

  • More Views
  • More Clicks
  • More Sales

Sound about right? Of course it does, you wouldn’t be where you are now without that fighting spirit for more.

To help you get more out of DistributorCentral, we’ve taken the time to evaluate products, and talk with our distributors to bring you 3 Techniques to Get the Most Out of DistributorCentral.

  • More search engine optimization
  • More helpful details
  • More (and better) product images

MORE Search Engine Optimization

Once you add a product to DistributorCentral, take it to the next level with search optimization techniques such as placement, keywords, and bullet points. Utilizing these techniques ensures distributors can easily find your product.

Include only the most relevant keywords, bullet points, & descriptions within your main product information. Consider which keywords are most beneficial when distributors are searching for your products, because they’re the ones who will be entering keywords. For instance, imagine a distributor starting a search using “baseball cap” as a keyword when you only have “hat” in your product info. Chances are, the distributor will find a baseball cap pretty quickly, but it probably won’t be yours.

Once you have your product keywords, description, and bullet points under control, you can give your product a boost by adding product placement dollars to immediately advance it in our search results.

TIP: Did you know that if you add $50 or more, to any product, it’s automatically added to our elite Top Sellers catalog? That’s right, you can stand out from your competitor’s products with just $50 of product placement.

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MORE Helpful Details

Your distributors NEED the details of your product to present it to their own customers. If you exclude things like product colors, sizes, imprint options, or run charges you’re probably losing opportunities.

Capitalize on those opportunities by providing a streamlined order process for your customers. Best practices show that a supplier who takes extra care in product setup creates a better buying experience. So, create product options & choices instead of stuffing required details into information fields that aren’t available in the order process.

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MORE (and better) Product images

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then distributors won’t look too far past your product image to determine if it’s what they are looking for. So, take the time and effort to create high resolution product images that have a clean white background.

Take into consideration the different views and colors your product has. You want to represent your product accurately and create the best experience for potential buyers. To leave distributors with no questions, include additional product images for each color and view.

See how to add product images and get product image specifications >>

In Conclusion

Product data and optimization is important, especially when trying to increase your product statistics. Distributor’s say it best, here is a long-time DistributorCentral customer, Branding Ideas ℠, for example:

We feature carefully selected suppliers […] based on several factors including […] how well they have optimized their products on DistributorCentral. We look for suppliers who have products with multiple, high-quality images, clear descriptions […] and [whether the supplier has their products] setup so we [and our end-users] can easily generate an order…

So, take the time, make the investment, and you will see your DistributorCentral product stats increase!