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On Dec 4, 2018, DistributorCentral launched 20 new features for distributors. Incorporate your favorite ProductCentral features onto your website! Watch a recording of our webinar outlining all the features and how to implement them on our website.

Instant Search

Auto-populates the first 3 products based on the keywords being typed in. Now available in the Quick Search bar of all websites.

Product of the Day

The Product of the Day block can be added to any distributor website. This block pulls from the active product of the day inside of DistributorCentral and will update each day to display the new product we have featured.

Featured Products Ribbon

Dynamic product ribbon that will randomly populate up to 8 products that were recently shown as Product of the Day.

Custom Product Ribbons

Create your own product ribbon from any of your catalogs! This ribbon will randomly pull up to 8 products in the catalog of your choosing. Products will rotate every time the page is loaded.

Quick View

A quick view button will appear when a user hovers over a product in the product search results on a website. The quick view button will open a pop-up window to display the product’s image, pricing, minimum qty, production time, bullets, list tools, email product button, add to cart button, and a link to view full details.

Quick View is also now used on all the new Product Ribbons on websites.

New Image Editor

The website’s image editor has been upgraded for faster and easier use.

Social Media Link Bar

A new block for social media links is now available making it much easier to link social media pages with websites.

New Image Carousel Block

The Carousel block has been upgraded to a new block type that is more customizable and modern. Now available are new text options for this block, which are great for adding context to an image or adding a testimonial. Four new options of image with text are:

  • Image with a Caption
  • Image Above Custom HTML
  • Custom HTML Overlaid on Image
  • Custom HTML Only

New Image Carousel Animations

Not only can you now modify your images in your image block with HTML, there is now also five new slide animation and transition effects:

  • Slide
  • Fade
  • Cube
  • Coverflow
  • Flip

Picture Block Updates

The picture block will now allow you to change the size of the image inside of the block. (ex: If you have a block that is 100% width of the screen, you can set the image within the block to be only 50% of the block width.)

Show Links as Buttons

Added a display type to the current Link block to display a link as a button.

Masonry Category Listing

Allows you to show your categories with images rather than text. This gives a more interesting and user-friendly graphical tile view to the categories on your website.


Adding high resolution favicons to your website is now even easier.


All website assets are now stored on CDN allowing for very fast downloads and load times for websites.

Product Videos

Supplier can now add videos to their products. If the video is tagged as end-user friendly, those videos will also appear on distributor websites.

Product Designer

Distributors can default a logo to display on their company store products or PEAK products across their website.

New Website Templates

New website templates have been released with many of these new features already set up.

Supplier Search

Distributors logged into DistributorCentral can now use the product search bar to search for suppliers without having to go to another section of the platform.

XML Product Feed

Updated the XML product feed to use our new catalog.

All these new features were available to be launched because all of DistributorCentral’s websites have been upgraded to the SSL-enabled, responsive 2.0 platform.