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DistributorCentral has added another feature to the intelligent product search engine. We’ve created a flexible Saved Search feature that will accommodate every distributor, big or small. Use the Saved Search to view your preferred search collections quickly when doing product research inside of DistributorCentral.

Within DistributorCentral’s contemporary product search engine, simply apply any combination of search criteria and save it once. Each time you log in thereafter, your Saved Search will be available to load as a starting point for your newest product research. As an added bonus, account admin users can create account-wide searches making them available to all users within the account.

Don’t hold back, the Saved Search feature is adaptable to your business needs. For example, they can be as simple as a Saved Search for your preferred suppliers; or as complex as a Saved Search for products with a specific price range, from suppliers within a given location, that have a certain production time! Combine any number of search criteria, then create as many Saved Searches as you need to save your business time and effort.

The brand-new Saved Search feature is available now! First, check out this short video to see how it works. Then log in to your DistributorCentral dashboard to start a search and explore the possibilities!