Release Notes: New Product Image Upload

DistributorCentral now offers a new product image uploader. Immediately, you will notice a cleaner design, but the biggest updates are under the hood, because the upgrade makes adding product images faster and it’s easier to use: The new image uploader is more lenient on the types of files you can use. Filetypes accepted include JPG’s, GIF’s, and now PNG’s Once an image is added, it will immediately

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DistributorCentral is Launching a New Dashboard in January of 2018

There is an exciting new face-lift to the DistributorCentral dashboard that will be launching January of 2018. "We are excited to move the DistributorCentral dashboard to the next stage in modernization...", says DistributorCentral's User Experience Designer, Rachel Dykes. What's New? We have replaced the horizontal navigation menu, at the top, with a modern side-menu that is now located down the left of the page. Other changes you will see

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Release Notes: Introducing the Help Center

Come check out our new help tab inside the main DistributorCentral site. The Help Center will be the hub for distributors and suppliers to quickly search and access help articles and contact support. Actions available within the Help Center include: Search within our knowledge base articles Chat live with customer support through instant messaging Submit a support ticket Join a webinar Schedule a demo with customer support

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Release Notes: Search Refinement, Custom Emailer, Product Placement Report, Customer Requests

Summary We continue to refine the new DistributorCentral product search algorithm based on customer feedback so you can find your products faster. Please keep sending us your feedback so we can further improve our search algorithm. UI updates to the customer requests page, the product placement email, and new features in the custom product information emailer. Product Search Updates Fuzzy Search: The product search is now even

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DistributorCentral Enables Technologo Virtual Sampling

LONG BEACH, Cal. (August 6) – Two cutting-edge web technology-oriented service providers are making virtual sample functionality available to over 10,000 websites within the promotional products industry. As part of a promotional offering, virtual sampling capabilities as provided by Technologo are being integrated into all websites as hosted by DistributorCentral, the industry’s only free and open centralized product database. Technologo provides unique and advanced virtual sample technology

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