Jetline Launches Free 24 Hour Rush Apparel Program

Gaffney, SC, AUGUST 3, 2015 - Top-50 industry supplier Jetline today announced the beginning of its Free 24 Hour Rush Apparel program. The pioneering program, which features one and two color screen printed decoration on several best-selling apparel styles from Gildan and Next Level, combines Jetline’s industry-leading rush service with the ease and speed of single invoice ordering.

“Speed is a differentiator for Jetline, and it’s no secret that our customers rely on the expeditious nature of our Free 24 Hour Rush service to meet their customers’ needs,” says Eric Levin, Jetline’s CEO.

After successfully launching its decorated apparel initiative earlier this year, the company determined that the time was right to begin to offer Free 24 Hour Rush on all of its apparel styles.   

Levin adds, “When we made the decision to add apparel to our line, it was always our intention to offer it along with our signature rush service, but we wanted to make sure that we had the capacity and understanding of the category to ensure a successful launch.”  With over 200,000 units being run through our rush program every day, I’m confident that adding decorated apparel to our Free 24 Hour Rush program will be seamless, and will provide significant value to our customers’ and the industry.”

FIEL Announces Heat Transfer Pricing Calculator

Mississauga, ON – FIEL – Fairdeal Import & Export Ltd. has announced a new website feature to calculate heat transfer pricing for its products.

“Distributors are now able to get the heat transfer pricing directly from the website,” says Arif Bandeali, Vice President of Sales. “All you need are the dimensions of the artwork design and the quantity you want. The calculator will do the rest.”

To use the heat transfer calculator, please visit

FIEL is a leading manufacturer and importer of imprintable textile promotional products. FIEL carries the largest inventory of fabrics and towels in North America. With offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Orlando, FIEL is the one-stop shop for its distributors.

5 Questions with Amelia Madl


Amelia Madl
Amelia Madl, Senior Account Manager

DC: What’s your favorite joke?

AM: Courtesy of my 8 year old, why didn’t the skeleton cross the road…..
he didn’t have the guts!

DC: Do you have any hidden talents?

AM: I’m not too shabby at target shooting with a hand gun.

DC: What’s an interesting fact about living in Kansas? 

AM: I’m not sure if this is interesting or just surprising, but my family and I live on a non-livestock farm. I have two kids, 6 dogs and 9 egg laying chickens. We enjoying fishing, 4-wheeling and swimming on the old farmstead!

DC: What’s your favorite thing about working with Suppliers?

AM: Everyone is so nice and really enjoys learning more about all the great features DC has to offer!

DC: What DC tool do you think most Suppliers under-utilize?

AM: One of our newer tools is “Find A Distributor Near You”. It’s a great tool for the road warrior always looking to find one more appointment.


Taking the “Blah” out of Blogging

Blog Article about BloggingDigital client engagement has evolved to the point where there are so many tools; it’s not only hard to know where to start, but also to know where to focus the resources necessary to achieve results. This generally leads to frustration or, even worse, inaction. Today’s business environment is far too competitive to ignore that digital marketing – specifically, content marketing/blogging – can not only drive traffic to your website, but also position you as an expert and win you clients.

Why content marketing? The numbers are staggering:

  • 54% of marketers generated a client from their blog in 2014
  • 86% of small business marketers view their blog as their most impactful marketing tactic
  • 72% of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) professionals rate blogging as their top inbound marketing activity

How about a personal, real world example? If you go to Google and type in the word “brandivate,” at least 8 of the top 10 results will be some form of brandivate marketing. While there are many factors at play, I mainly attribute this SEO success to content marketing: the brandivate blog.

While success through blogging isn’t a new concept, it is one that is gaining wild momentum. In 2014, the largest blog hosting site as over 83 million unique visitors in the United States EVERY month.  Blogs fuel SEO as search engines crave valuable content and reward you for it as evidenced by the brandivate blog.

Once you’ve decided to incorporate a blog into your marketing strategy, there are five guidelines to steer your efforts in the right direction:

Consistency – If you don’t have a calendar set up for your blog, how will your followers know when to come back for new content? For example, excluding holidays, the brandivate blog has fresh content every Monday and Thursday. Find a schedule (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) that works for you and hold yourself accountable to it. No one starts a blog only to become one of the 95% that abandon it due to lack of consistency.

SEO – Use your blog to drive people to your website. A great way to incorporate key words is to take advantage of alternate text for images. On every brandivate blog post, the alternate text of the image used to support the text has the words “brandivate blog” and then the title of the blog. This has resulted in the brandivate website to be the top search result on Google. Also, ensure your blog is mobile friendly as it will negatively impact your SEO if it’s not.

Promote – Leverage social media to promote the heck out of each post. By linking your blog post to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and commonsku, you drive people to your website. Twitter is especially useful for this purpose and there are dozens of free programs such as TweetJukebox that will automate it for you. In the din of social media noise, relentless promotion is your best friend.

Write for your Audience – I can’t stress this enough. Many beginning bloggers tend to make the mistake of writing about themselves or their business. Remember, readers generally want to read about things that concern them, not you. For example, think in terms of what they already know, and what do they want to know about the promotional products industry. Deliver information based on their needs and focus on how you can help them.

80/20 Rule – Don’t fall into the trap of having your blog be solely about the latest products or just to “sell something.” A full 80% of your posts should be focused on building your readership by educating and entertaining them. Share a case history, relate to a common client problem, or discuss how social media has impacted your personal marketing efforts. This way, when you do change things up and post something that is sales-based, it will stand out.

Content marketing can provide a high return on your resource investment when done correctly.  Being consistent, focusing on SEO, promotion, writing for your audience, and keeping the 80/20 rule top of mind will set you apart from the competition either unwilling or unable to engage with their target audience.

Bill Petrie


About brandivate
Bill has over 15 years working in executive leadership position at leading promotional products distributorships. In addition, he launched brandivate – the first executive team outsourcing company solely focus on helping small promotional products companies responsibly grow their business. In March of 2015, Bill began a partnership with Proforma to assist their Owners growing their individual distributorships.
A former speaker at the PPAI Winter Expo and current member of the board of directors for the Promotional Products Association of the Mid-South (PPAMS), Bill has extensive real-world practice coaching sales teams, creating successful marketing campaigns, developing operational policies and procedures, creating and delivering RFP responses, and successfully presenting promotional solutions to Fortune 500 clients.



Effective August 2015, top 50 supplier Pro Towels (asi 79750 /ppai 112755) has acquired supplier Kanata Blanket Company (asi 63823/ ppai 217153/ pppc 980901).

Pro Towels is the largest full-service beach, golf, fitness and rally towel supplier within the Promotional Products Industry. With corporate headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, Pro Towels has manufacturing and decorating facilities located in both South Carolina and California.

Kevin Nord, President of Pro Towels, explains “the addition of Kanata Blanket Company enables Pro Towels to become an even more diverse line, complementing our existing products perfectly and offering us an even greater presence in the fourth-quarter gift giving season. We are now truly a company for all seasons.”

Kanata Blanket Company has been a recognized leader in premium blankets, décor and lifestyle products in the Promotional Products Industry since 1993. Voted the recipient of BEST BLANKET SUPPLIER in the Counselor Distributor Choice Awards since the inception of this category, Nord adds ”Kanata’s exceptional reputation within the Promotional Products Industry for innovative products and outstanding service was one of the major factors in our decision to purchase them, mirroring our commitment to exceed customer expectations.” Both the Pro Towels and Kanata brands will be maintained as well as their respective industry identifiers.

Fraser Mackay, current President of Kanata Blanket Company, believes that the purchase by Pro Towels will enable each company to better serve their respective customer bases in the USA and Canada. “By combining our operational capabilities, product lines and geographic footprints, we will be able to provide excellence in every way to our distributor customers. This will be enhanced by east and west coast USA distribution for faster lead-times, and the Kanata facility in Canada offering the best-selling towels from Pro Towels to the Canadian market. This is an extremely exciting opportunity for Kanata and we are very proud to become part of the dynamic Pro Towels organization.”

Fraser Mackay will continue to oversee Kanata Blanket Company in Canada as Executive Vice President, with no changes in operating direction planned as part of the sale. Brian Porter will expand his role as Vice President of Sales to cover both the USA and Canadian markets. Jessica McKinnon will remain as Canadian Sales Manager, based in Richmond, BC and assisted by Devon Manwaring. Sharon Griffith will assume the role of Vice President of Marketing for both the USA and Canada.

PCNA Changes Primary Shipping Service

New contract signed with FedEx for all US and CDN shipments

PITTSBURGH —Polyconcept North America, a subsidiary of the world’s leading promotional products supplier, announces its new primary shipper relationship with FedEx. Starting July 27, all product lines including Leed’s, Bullet, Trimark and JournalBooks, will begin using FedEx for all new shipments within the US. Additionally FedEx will now manage shipments to and within Canada. Although PCNA companies will replace UPS as its primary shipping service; if a customer would prefer to use a different carrier, every product line will continue to accept third party account numbers.

This relationship has been designed to provide similar service and support while also providing faster ground transit times to additional locations including a 2-day service to Toronto for all items shipped from PCNA’s Miami based Bullet facility.

“We are looking forward to being able to embark on this new and exciting opportunity with FedEx while providing a seamless transition for our customers,” comments Susan Willens, Vice President of Manufacturing & Warehouse.  “The only change our customers should see is a different color truck dropping off their packages.”

For additional information regarding shipping, visit or contact your PCNA sales representative.

#    #    # 

About Polyconcept North America

Polyconcept North America (PCNA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyconcept, the world’s leading promotional products supplier. With headquarters in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, PCNA operates Leed’s, Bullet, Trimark, Trimark Powered by Leed’s, and JournalBooks. As the corporate home for this diverse group of suppliers, PCNA serves as a single source for the widest selection of hard goods, apparel, cutting-edge decoration and reliable service. For more information, go to

Jetline Announces Appointment of Greg Mastro

Gaffney, SC, July 14, 2015 - Top-50 industry supplier Jetline announces the appointment of industry veteran Greg Mastro to the new position of Senior Vice President of Manufacturing. Mastro comes to Jetline from industry supplier Leed’s, where he spent 14 years in several key operational roles culminating in the position of Vice President of Manufacturing. “We are excited to bring Greg aboard and feel his presence speaks volumes about both the current state of the company as well as the path that we are laying for future growth,” says Eric Levin, Jetline CEO.

“Greg will take on a significant leadership role in the company and we look forward to tapping his depth of experience as we continue to improve our operational capabilities and product offering. He will be responsible for improving decoration and packaging capability and quality, creating efficiencies in conjunction with our supply chain, warehouse, production and shipping departments, and refinement of our product handling methods and practices. We expect that Greg will help Jetline evolve into an elite supplier capable of reliably satisfying a wider market with a broader range of product.”

When Levin was asked what prompted the hire, he responded, “Greg comes to us with a significant engineering background and depth of experience with an industry leader, two traits that address missing pieces of the puzzle for Jetline as we assemble the resources to mount an effort towards new product and customer segments. We look forward to welcoming him to the team and leveraging his considerable abilities as we continue on our already successful trajectory.”

Mastro will be located at Jetline’s Gaffney, SC plant and will begin in October of this year.

This information can also be found on our website:


FIEL Announces Summer Rush Program

Mississauga, ON – FIEL – Fairdeal Import & Export Ltd. has announced its “Summer Rush” program for the months of July and August. Approved orders will ship as quickly as two days at no extra charge.

“We understand how busy distributors are,” says Asif Bandeali, Executive Vice President. “Therefore, this ‘Summer Rush’ program is to ensure our clients are getting their orders quickly.”

Orders are processed immediately after artwork approval. The delivery times outlined in the “Summer Rush” program are in effect after artwork proof is approved by the distributor. A pre-approved artwork proof can be sent using the imprint templates on the FIEL website in order to expedite the artwork approval process. If requested, the proof may also be waived.

For information about the “Summer Rush” program, please visit

FIEL is a leading manufacturer and importer of imprintable textile promotional products. FIEL carries the largest inventory of fabrics and towels in North America. With offices in Toronto, Vancouver, and Orlando, FIEL is the one-stop shop for its distributors.

PCNA Launches New Online Resource for Distributors


The Idea Hub Provides Timely News About Products and Trends From PCNA Experts

PITTSBURGH — July 7, 2015 — Polyconcept North America announces the launch of a powerful new digital resource for distributors, The Idea Hub @ PCNA.  This online forum will be regularly updated with timely information from PCNA experts on new items, the latest retail trends and product selling tips to help distributors drive their business.

The Idea Hub will feature a mix of short written posts, quick videos, links and informational graphics, with inside information from PCNA’s sales, product development and compliance experts.  In addition, many of these pieces will be unbranded so that distributors can share the ideas directly with their end users on popular social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“The idea Hub @ PCNA is just our latest effort to give distributors an edge in a highly competitive marketplace,” said Leanne Finney, vice president of marketing at PCNA. “Now when they come to, they’ll not only have the industry’s best assortment of gifts and apparel at their fingertips, but also the expertise to help them stay one step ahead.”

Accessible through a tab at the top of the PCNA home page, users also can subscribe to an RSS feed that will alert them when new items is posted.

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About Polyconcept North America

Polyconcept North America (PCNA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Polyconcept, the world’s leading promotional products supplier. With headquarters in New Kensington, Pennsylvania, PCNA operates Leed’s, Bullet, Trimark and JournalBooks. As the corporate home for this diverse group of suppliers, PCNA serves as a single source for the widest selection of hard goods, apparel, cutting-edge decoration and reliable service. For more information, go to

Make your Email Blasts Count

Effective email blasts are an art form. The most impactful email campaigns are relevant to your target audience and strike a balance in email frequency that keeps your brand fresh in your customers’ minds without overloading them.

Keep it Simple

Think about your own email inbox and what types of emails catch your attention and cause you to react.

Create an Awesome Subject Line

Make sure your subject lines make sense, are relevant and persuasive.  Remember, you have to compete with all the other emails that are being sent out by your Email Blast Service Provider. Make sure your subject line will catch attention. (What key words should I use? What ones are overused and, therefore, should be avoided?)

Make it Easy

The overall goal of the email is to get people to open them, read the information, and then click through to take action.

Take the guesswork out of wondering if your email generated leads for you. Know if you’re getting results by setting up and tracking marketing analytics. Set up offer codes to track your promotions.

If your email blast content is advertising special pricing, does your blast link directly to that product where it is easily orderable? Or does it go to your homepage and then the Distributor is expected to navigate to find that item?

Make it easy for your customers to respond to the offer you are blasting to them by leading them directly to where you would like them to take action.

Be Consistent

Whether you want to send emails quarterly, monthly, or more often, put your email blast dates on a calendar and stick to the schedule. You’ll build momentum for yourself and your customers. They’ll come to start expecting your emails to arrive. If you’re good about sending your emails for a while but then suddenly go dark, you’ll start to lose the momentum on both ends.

Also make sure your artwork has a consistent look at feel so your customers begin to recognize your style.

Make It Count

When creating the content for your email blast, make sure your messages contain information your target audience will care about and again, keep it simple. It’s normal for brand managers to get excited about every aspect of their product, but an email blast needs to convey information that is exciting for your readers. Email blasts need to contain well-written information and a specific call to action that your audience will respond to.

Create an “Above the Fold” Call to Action

If you create an email blast for which you want your contacts to do something, like take advantage of an offer, make sure you have that high up in the email.  A good rule of thumb is that your call to action should appear right away, when someone opens your email. If someone has to scroll to find it, it’s in the wrong place. Think of a newspaper headline.

Send the Right Amount

Are you bombarding your customers’ inboxes twenty times a month or just once a quarter? Both are probably not the best way to go about email blasts. If you are clogging up your clients’ email with a dozen or more messages every month they will most likely stop reading them all together or get annoyed and unsubscribe. On the other hand, sending an email blast once every 2-4 months won’t keep your company name fresh in your customers’ minds.

Email marketing is marketing, not magic. You wouldn’t expect to get a great return on playing a radio ad or running a TV commercial just once.  That is why we as a Service Provider do not sell email blasts à la carte.

If you are considering email marketing, we recommend you test the effectiveness for a period of time.  Remember that customers will open emails differently depending on the time of year and even the time of day that your email is sent. To get as many customers as possible to open your emails, you need to commit to sending emails over a period of time and implementing these best practices to make the most of your efforts.