World Emblem Announces Territory Account Manager Strategic Changes

World Emblem announces Territory Account Manager strategic changes to better service their industrial uniform clients across the country. By making these changes, their sales force will work more closely with their existing client base and help develop new strategies on how to make their clients more profitable within their apparel decoration programs. Two of their most elite Territory Account Managers; Paola Soler and Jorge Saez will be positioned in new territories in effort to cater to their clients.

On October 1st, Paola Soler began her transition into the role of Territory Account Manager for the Southeast region. Paola has been working at World Emblem for over 4 years creating and managing high levels of client satisfaction. Previous to working in World Emblem, she worked over 5 years in logistics where she learned about the textile industry. A veteran of customer service and sales, she has successfully worked in various departments at World Emblem with her previous position being in charge of the Northeast region as a Territory Account Manager (TAM). Her vast experience in logistics and sales at World Emblem, extensive product understanding and motivating customer service has made her their ideal territory account manager to service the Southeast region. Paola has managed over 100 accounts with World Emblem, successfully growing existing accounts by leading sales presentations, introducing new products and serving as the client’s advocate. Paola stated “I have a passion for people; being around them, learning about them, and helping them. I have had the opportunity to work with individuals and improve their businesses. They have allowed me to be a part of their journey toward success. I genuinely care about my clients and demonstrate that commitment by making them my first priority”.

On October 1st, Jorge Saez also transitioned into his new role as Territory Account Manager for the entire Northeast region. Jorge has been at World Emblem for over 15 years with experience creating and managing high levels of customer satisfaction. Jorge has developed extensive production and process experience from being actively involved in the execution of all of the World Emblem’s five U.S. plants as well as managing plant operations at our facilities in Georgia and Michigan. Jorge’s most recent position as a Major Account Manager allowed him to work directly with several corporate offices across the country which has expanded his focus on customer satisfaction. He is well known for his product knowledge and technical expertise which is why many clients use him as a trusted advisor.  In his new territory, Jorge will create, maintain and grow relationships. His vast experience in production management, extensive product knowledge and customer service have earned him the title of our Territory Account Manager for the Northeast region. Jorge states “You have to listen to your client before selling anything, this way you can bring them solutions. I believe in what we have to offer and most importantly that building a long term relationship with our clients is paramount”

In lieu to these strategic changes, this new fleet of TAM’s will be in charge of managing as well as building current client relationships within their respective territories. You can contact Jorge Saez directly (786) 325 - 2552 or email him at and Paola Soler directly at (305) 504-1822 or email her at

About World Emblem

World Emblem is one of the world’s foremost designers and manufacturers of both industrial and domestic wash, custom embroidered, screen-printed and sublimated emblems. In addition, World Emblem is also a leading manufacturer of custom transfers, direct screen printing, direct embroidery, reflective emblems and much more. True to its name, World Emblem is a global leader in the identification market, with 9 manufacturing facilities throughout the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico, France and the United Kingdom.

Please direct all inquiries to:
Katherine Proano, Marketing Coordinator
Phone: (800) 766-0448 ext. 4454

WOVIN Brands acquires Footprints USA

WOVIN Brands, a Wisconsin-based supplier, including WOV-IN® (ASI 92980, PPAI 113213, SAGE 54020) and Promopet® (ASI 79698, PPAI 468134, SAGE 69183) has announced that they have acquired the assets of Footprints USA (ASI 55030, PPAI 280344, SAGE 67681).  WOVIN Brands will relocate the operations to their facility in Jackson, WI and carry on the Footprints USA brand identity, a brand synonymous with the finest quality custom, casual footwear in the promotional products industry.

“This is such an amazing opportunity for us,” said Jessie Johnson, president of WOVIN Brands. “By combining our strengths and capabilities, we will be able to offer an unparalleled assortment of high-quality, casual accessories from headwear to footwear and everything in between – the possibilities are endless.”

Bob Stevens, founder and President of Footprints USA, is delighted with the acquisition.  “Choosing WOVIN Brands was an easy decision,” Stevens said.  “Not only are they one of the most respected suppliers in the industry, but the ability to incorporate their woven technology into our footwear adds tremendous value for our customers.”

“Bob is a good friend of mine and will continue working in a consultative role during the transition.  We will all be working together diligently to ensure that the transition is seamless for our customers.” Johnson said.

WOVIN Brands has been providing their customers with excellent customer service and quality products for over 40 years.  They are a third-generation family business that truly cares about taking care of their customers and their WOV-IN® line of products is still 100% Made in the USA.  WOV-IN® and Promopet® both maintain an ASI 5-star and SAGE A+ rating, they have consistently been named as one of Counselor’s Best Places to Work and were recognized as the Supplier Family Business of the Year in 2013.


Announcing John Short as new Midwest/South Regional Sales Manager

Brea, California – PWS is proud to announce John Short as their new Midwest/South Regional Sales Manager.  Andrea Pennington, VP of Sales and Customer Relations, voiced her excitement over adding Short to the sales team.  “John is the kind of person with the professionalism that we want to have on the team here at PWS and we are thrilled to have him join us.”  Short will be responsible for managing a number of states in the Midwest and the South, developing sales strategies with assigned Key Accounts and buying groups, as well as exhibiting at trade shows.  Short has been in the Promotional Products Industry for a number of years and has worked on both the Distributor side and the Supplier side.

Short emphasized his expectations in joining the team at PWS.  “I am looking forward to going out into the territory and talking to Distributors about all of the great products that we have to offer here at PWS.  I hope to utilize a number of relationships that I have built over the years and to continue to make PWS a go to company for a Distributor’s bag and packaging needs.”

John Short Midwest/South Regional Sales Manager Direct: 314-406-2515 Corporate: 800-582-8288


- Announcement from Bullet/PCNA
Due to dangerous weather conditions we have made the decision to temporarily close our Miami facility at Noon (EST) on Thursday, October 6 and all-day Friday, October 7, for the safety of our employees.

- Announcement from IDProductSource



Beginners Guide to SEO for Promotional Products Websites

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
is the activity of ensuring that a website can be found in search engines for words and phrases relevant to what the site is offering, primarily focusing on growing visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. SEO encompasses both the technical and creative elements required to improve rankings, drive traffic and increase awareness in search engines.

Whether you already have a website or are planning to build a fresh site using DistributorCentral’s Responsive Website Editor, understanding the most basic, effective SEO practices that you can do yourself can make a huge difference to your site’s performance since the majority of web traffic is driven by major commercial search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

There is an art and a science to SEO, and an endless array of websites and SEO professionals out there who can help optimize your website, but the following are a few easy tips to help you improve your SEO that you can do yourself.

1. “On-Site” SEO Elements

These elements are part of the content on each page of your website that should be optimized to help search engines accurately index your pages.

Keywords: keep it simple – choose of up to five keywords or keyword phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. There are many keyword search tools available online to help you find the most relevant keywords that will drive ongoing web traffic and conversions on your site. Keywords can be sprinkled throughout the actual page content as well as added to META TAGs on your pages, but having relevant, applicable content in the actual text on your web pages is critical to accurate indexing.

Title Tag: The title tag on pages of your website tells search engines what any given page is about in the most concise and accurate way possible. It should be 70 characters or less and include your business or brand name and keywords that relate to that specific page only. This tag is placed between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tags near the top of the HTML code for the page.

Meta Description: The meta description is the snippet of information below the link of a search result. Its purpose is to describe the contents of the page to the searcher. You want to write your meta description with a human audience in mind that includes the page’s main keywords, as the meta description does show up in search results. It should do everything possible to drive the searcher to click.

2. Additional On-Site SEO Elements

Internal Links – You can help search engines learn more about your website by internally linking to other pages on your website within your content. Leverage tools such as DistributorCentral’s “Custom URL Builder” to create direct, succinct, links to key pages or product categories on your site. For example, you could create a custom URL that, for example, appears to the search engines as “” that links to a specific set of tumblers that you feature on your website. Search engines love short, descriptive URLS when categorizing your website.

Header Tags – Using header tags helps both readers and search engines break up your content into digestible sections. Each page should have a main header title tag (“H1” tags in html) that describes what that page contains. Subheaders (H2, H3, etc.) can further categorize content on that page.

Image Name & ALT Tags – Search engines not only crawl the text on your webpage but they also search for keywords within your image file names, so name your images descriptively and in plain English. Alt tags are shown when you hover over an image with your mouse and they add SEO value to your website. Adding appropriate alt tags to your images can help you achieve better rankings by associating keywords with images. Using alt tags is an effective way for your e-commerce products to show up in Google image and web search.

3. Content

The key to pleasing both search engines and visitors is to have quality content on your website. Here are some examples of quality content:

  • Blog Posts
  • Industry Articles
  • Case Studies
  • Infographics
  • Videos
  • Podcasts

Creating quality content for your website can be a huge investment of time and resources, but it doesn’t have to be if you take advantage of the resources already available to you. Search engines love relevant content, and ideally visitors to your site find the content useful such that that they share it via social media, leading to even more visitors. You can start out simple by creating blog posts on your website, and as your audience grows, you can expand your content to include additional types of media.

4. Link Building

The basic goal of link building is to get other websites to link to yours.

Link Building Ideas for Promotional Products Distributors:

•    Submit guest blog posts to popular blogs in our industry and to the markets you sell to. Generally, you will get a link back to your website in an author notation. DistributorCentral often features guest blog articles in our monthly CentralZone newsletter submitted by Suppliers with relevant articles about product category trends.

•    Reach out to related (but not competitive) businesses to see if they will link to you. A good way to do this is to see if the businesses you work with have link pages on their site for partners, vendors, suppliers, etc.

•    Create local search profiles and social media profiles to attract clicks and generate more incoming traffic to your website.

•    Submit your website to applicable industry directories. For example, a promotional product distributor that specializes in custom wedding invitations and save the date magnets could get listings with a link back to their website on The Knot or The Wedding Channel and other similar sites.

•    Submit your website to the “local” pages of Google, Bing, etc., to ensure that your site is found “locally” when people are searching for services such as yours in your area.

•    Create your own or find Infographics to convey the power of leveraging promotional products in you clients marketing efforts. Take advantage of PPAI’s resources that speak to the power and value of promotional products:
Get In Touch Advertising site and the Promotional Products Work site

5. Monitor your Results – keep track of your SEO progress

There are a lot of valuable SEO tools available online. Start with basic monitoring to help you learn more about whether your SEO efforts are making a difference.  Google Analytics can help you learn more about the visitors to your website and monitor your organic search traffic sources to see what keywords people are using to find your website in search results. Monitor traffic to your website as you launch new marketing initiatives and learn from which efforts drive traffic to your site and which don’t. Adjusting your tactics as a result of accurate analytics is one of the most powerful ways to build your sites’ relevance and search engine rankings.

Blog Article by:
Stephanie Protz, DistributorCentral
Marketing Director

The MRS of Content Marketing

MRS Content MarketingSince the invention of marketing, there have always been buzzwords that generally elicit groans shortly after they are introduced. In 2016, ones that come to mind are storytelling, disruptor, pain points, transparency, and thought leader. Perhaps that one that trumps them all is “content is king.”

In today’s give first economy, people are craving content gives them insight to their specific business challenges. Take this publication for example: the CentralZone has a monthly reach of a bit over 31,000 and an average open rate of 34%. While I’m not mathematician, that adds up to about 10,500 people who read it every single month. Given those numbers, maybe I should put a little more effort into my articles…but I digress.

The point is that while the phrase “content is king” is annoying, it’s very true. Even if you don’t feel confident in your writing enough to start a blog, don’t want to record a podcast, or find the thought of recording small videos abhorrent, you can engage with your clients by sharing content. To ensure that the content you share makes the desired connection, you have to make sure that it’s meaningful, relatable, and sharable.

Make it meaningful – For content to be willingly consumed, it has to have meaning. When content marketing is shared, the sender is essentially asking the recipient to spend their most valuable commodity – time. If the content you share is meaningless and the recipient consumes it, you not only have wasted their time, but have effectively killed any future opportunity to engage them with content that does have meaning.  

Make it relatable – On the surface, relatable and meaningful may appear to be one in the same. However, meaningful content is not always relatable. For example, no one would argue that a podcast about the lessons learned by an entrepreneur starting a business doesn’t have meaning. However, that same podcast would likely not be relatable to someone just starting their first job out of college. By ensuring that the content is as relatable as it is sharable, you will increase both your open and connection rates. 

Make it sharable – No matter how meaningful and relatable the content is, people will not consume it if it appears daunting. Sad as it may be, the human attention span has shrunk to the point that a goldfish has a longer focus. It’s true, you can look it up. The point is that for content to be sharable, it has to be in easily consumed nuggets: 500 word blogs, 20 minute podcasts, or five minute videos. Anything longer than that and you run the risk of people not consuming it simply because it “feels” like too much of a time commitment.

By ensuring the content you provide relevant, you can truly engage your target audience. Remember, you don’t have to create content to share it – it just needs to be meaningful, relatable, and sharable.

(For those counting the words, this blog post is exactly 500 words long)

Bill Petrie

About brandivate

Bill has over 15 years working in executive leadership positions at leading promotional products distributorships. In 2014, he launched brandivate – the first executive outsourcing company solely focused on helping small and medium sized promotional products enterprises responsibly grow their business.

A featured speaker at numerous industry events, a serial creator of content marketing, Vice President for the Promotional Products Association of the Mid-South (PPAMS), and PromoKitchen chef, Bill has extensive experience coaching sales teams, creating successful marketing campaigns, developing operational policies and procedures, creating and developing winning RFP responses, and presenting winning promotional products solutions to Fortune 500 clients.

2nd Annual DC Promo Pumpkin Contest

Fall is upon us!  We are dying to see how you can top last year’s winners with the most creative jack-o’-lanterns that incorporate the use of promotional products or your company logo!

To help you get started, request your Pumpkin Carving Scoop by sending an email to

Please include your Name, Company Name and Shipping Address.

Pumpkin Carving Scoop sponsored by Illini – Item 3910 – Click for PDF Sales Flyer

Contest Details:

Three categories will have one winner:

  • Overall Most Creative
  • Best Use of Promotional Products
  • Best Representation of Company Logo

All entries will be judged by a panel of creative professionals. Prizes to be announced soon!

Get creative! Carve, paint, draw or even arrange your pumpkins in a setting.

Upload your photo to:

Twitter: Tweet your photo @DistCentral with #DCPromoPumpkin
Instagram: Tag photo @distributorcentral

Submit your photo by Nov 1st, at 12 p.m. ET.

Use Hashtag #DCPromoPumpkin

*Contest open to employees of Distributor & Supplier Members of DC and Service Provider Partners of DistributorCentral.

Prizes Sponsored by:















2015 Winning Entries:

Introducing Prize Putt from Games People Play Inc.

Duluth, GA – Games People Play, Inc., manufacturer of high quality games including the Prize Wheel, introduces Prize Putt, a new mini golf game.

“Golf games are great fun at many venues,” said Michael Gould, Director of Marketing. “It’s sure to add fun and excitement to any event or trade show.”

Games People Play is based in Duluth, Georgia, at a 52,000 square foot facility, where it employs approximately 25 employees. It has been a manufacturer of molded plastics for many years and expanded into the promotional products industry in 2005.

1600 Cross Pointe Way, Suite D Duluth, GA 30097

Michael Gould

J. Charles Announces New Company Brand


Erlanger, Kentucky, September 12, 2016- J.Charles, (ASI/62985, SAGE/55826, UPIC/ JCHARLES) has unveiled their new logo and business promise, Beautifully Simple. In a statement issued by Barry Dyas, President of supplier J. Charles, “Our new logo and two-word tagline expresses all you need to know about J.Charles.  Born of a less is more approach, our well-designed products confirm the beauty that resides in simplicity. This same philosophy also lives on through our acclaimed customer service. We pride ourselves on taking the complexity out of doing business so that ordering is a pleasure, never a hassle.”

About J. Charles
Headquartered in Erlanger, Kentucky, J. Charles has been recognized as one of the Top 10 leading suppliers of award and recognition in the industry, specializing in crystal awards, gifts, and service that are “Beautifully Simple”.  For more information, visit



Q & A with Bill Petrie

Founder & CEO of brandivate

What’s in your work bag?  Whether it’s a backpack, satchel, or messenger bag, most of us in the promotional product industry are heavily geared up, mainly because we acquire a variety of samples and tech gadgets from not only our own companies we work, but from industry events.

As I sat down for lunch with Bill Petrie from brandivate to discuss this month’s CentralZone article topic, he started unpacking all of his gear, so I asked him to show me what’s in his bag.

What items do you always carry in your backpack?

My Leed’s elleven brandivate backpack always has the following items when I travel. I can’t go anywhere without my earbuds (Leed’s), a microfiber cleaning cloth (Toddy Cloth), a USB holder that I received at last year’s LDW conference, an assortment of pens (Prime/Jetline), 4-in-One charging buddy (HIT) from skucon, and lastly a brandivate cap to leave with a client (Vitronic).

What is the newest promo item you received that you can’t live without?

I am a self-professed serial charger, so I absolutely cannot live without my Juicebox external battery pack by OrigAudio.  I get very nervous when my devices get below 50% battery life. Back in the day my travel revolved around making sure all of my devices were fully charged. When I travel now, I am more relaxed knowing that my devices are fully charged by the time I land.

What is a typical day like at brandivate headquarters?

A typical day in my home office consists of conference calls, content writing and working on client deliverables.  And every Friday I have the pleasure of recording a podcast episode of Unscripted with Kirby Hasseman.