Quinn Flags (asi/80228, UPIC/Quinn, Sage /66646) has hired Peter Comly as Executive Vice President.  Comly, formerly with HPC Global, is an 18 year veteran in this industry and will be responsible for the implementation of Quinn Flags new Work Flow Management, CRM & Accounting system and will assist in the continued growth of production at Quinn Flags production facilities. Quinn Flags of Hanover, Pa. is the Industry’s Premier Flag, Banner & Display Manufacturer since 1994.

Quinn Flags named a Fastest-Growing Company

Supplier Quinn Flags, is pleased to announce its selection as a Counselor Fastest-Growing Company for 2015!

At Quinn Flags, our goal is your success. In order to achieve such a goal and address a wider range of needs, Quinn Flags has continued to grow, building a team of motivated and hardworking employees with a positive attitude. Over the last year we have increased our staff by over 100%.

We have also increased our in-house manufacturing equipment to accommodate any size order of custom flags and banners made in the USA. Our expansions in state-of-the-art printing capabilities were selected with the customer in mind to deliver the best quality flags in the promotional products industry. We also continue to expand our product offerings of flags and banners to provide more innovative solutions for your customers’ needs.

If there is truth to the statement that you are only as successful as the people that you surround yourself with, Quinn Flags is excited to see how the company will continue to expand and develop as the premier flag manufacturer.

Hirsch Gift, Inc. announce new Regional Sales Manager

David Degreeff, MAS has been appointed Regional Sales Manager for Hirsch Gift, Inc.  Degreeff will represent the supplier in the Southwest territory in the states of Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, and Oklahoma.  He brings with him more than 35 years of unique industry experience from the supplier, distributor, and multi-line representative perspectives.  Peter Hirsch, President of Hirsch Gift, stated “we are very excited to welcome somebody with the caliber and experience of Dave to join our growing team.”

OMNi Apparel Hires Larry White in Sales Management

Grandview, MO (May 8, 2015) – OMNi Apparel Inc., manufacturers of state-of-the-art technical and performance apparel, today announced the appointment of Larry White as Sales Manager.

OMNi Apparel is the manufacturer and distributor of Zorrel, and is recognized as a leader in technical activewear and knit apparel – it is Intelligent Apparel by Design.

“Larry brings a wealth of knowledge and experience of selling in the corporate apparel market. Having his guidance and experience as part of our sales management will enable us to strengthen our sales and marketing efforts through our distributors in the uniform, corporate, event and retail markets,” said Sean Mahoney, Vice President of OMNi Apparel.

Mr. White is experienced in working on both the supply side and the distributor sides of the industry. Most recently having served as Vice President of Sales for Mid-America Merchandising Inc., he has also served in sales management with Staples Promotional Products, GEAR for Sports, and King Louie International.
Mr. Mahoney added, “OMNi Apparel is in a period of growth, and we will benefit significantly from Larry’s seasoned leadership. Having overcome many of our growing pains of our first 10 years, we’re well positioned to be the performance apparel leader within the multiple channels we serve.”

Mr. White will join with Mr. Craig Wallace, Business Development Manager, together their efforts will be focused upon providing improved distribution partnerships, and sales support for the Zorrel field reps, and our distributor reps.

OMNi Apparel Media Contact: Marketing Department
Phone: 816-765-5212 // Email: info@omniapparelinc.com

Spector & Co. announces new Social Compliance and Sustainability Manager

Spector & Co., a leading North American supplier of promotional products, is pleased to announce the hiring of Lavina Da Silva, as Social Compliance and Sustainability Manager.

Lavina’s responsibilities will include managing social, environmental, product health & safety and improvement initiatives and she will continue supporting the efforts created by Caterina Rossi, who will soon be taking maternity leave.

With a background working at major apparel and footwear retailers, Lavina is a compliance practitioner with over 20 years of experience in various roles within the supply chain including Loss Prevention, Inventory Control and Social Compliance.

On a personal side, Lavina comments, “When I am not working on compliance matters, I volunteer at a hospice which has been the most meaningful learning experience I’ve ever had, teaching me so much about the strength and resilience of the human spirit, about compassion, understanding and love.”

Spector & Co. welcomes Lavina and wishes Caterina good luck as she awaits the birth of her first child.

Technologo to host series of webinars

Toronto, Canada – May 6, 2015

Technologo will be hosting it’s first in a series of upcoming webinars, entitled: “Keep ‘em Coming Back: How to Engage Online Customers” on Wednesday, May 13th at 2:00 – 3:00pm ET.

Chris Glowacki, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Technologo will host the webinar. Tiffany Tarr, CAS, Vice President of Sales at DistributorCentral will be a special guest presenter.

Customer engagement is a pillar of E-commerce. Without it, customers would rarely stay on websites long enough to even browse products never mind making a purchase. Keep your customers interested in visiting your website, increase purchase orders, and have them returning for subsequent purchases.  In this webinar we will be teaching a variety of solutions to keep your online customers engaged and coming back for more!

If you are currently in e-commerce or contemplating it, don’t miss out on this wonderful learning opportunity.

Register today: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3024945970218244097



DistributorCentral announces Barbara Brown’s Retirement

We are both happy and sad to announce that Barbara Brown is officially retiring from her position as customer support of DistributorCentral.  Barb has been with our company since 2006.

Barb has 23 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. She said that she will most likely spend her time helping to take care and spending time with them after her retirment.

She said that what she will miss the most will be people that she got to speak to everyday and also her co-workers. She said she is a people person and just enjoys talking to people.

“Working for DistributorCentral for the past 9 years has been great. I started out just uploading images and setting up products for suppliers.  The programmers of DistributorCentral have since made the site so user-friendly that before long, I was able to start helping distributors with their websites.  Although I am looking forward to my retirement and spending time with my family, I will surely miss the distributors that I have contact with and all of my co-workers, they have been like family. ”

Tiffany Tarr, Vice President of Sales said, “Barb has been such a big part of our team for so many years. I’m happy she gets to spend more time with her family, but we are going to miss her contribution to the team.”

“Barb has been great to work with and I will miss having her here right beside me through all of the different issues that come in here at DC and in day to day life.” said Heather Windler, who has been working next to her for the past year and a half.

We wish Barb all the best!

DistributorCentral announces new responsive website

DistributorCentral has launched a new version of our corporate website on a brand new, fully-responsive website platform built internally from the ground-up. As the number of users visiting DistributorCentral on mobile devices continues to grow it was important to us to provide a pleasant and useful browsing experience for all users across desktop, tablet and phone.

Even more important was to build our new website on the very same responsive platform that we will soon roll out for all of our distributor and supplier users! That’s right, very soon you will have the ability to build your own website on our new platform and provide your customers with the same mobile-friendly browsing experience that we are now providing to you on distributorcentral.com!

The DistributorCentral website is aimed at both current and prospective distributor and supplier customers of DistributorCentral. Visitors can browse our new site to learn about features, pricing, see current news through social media channels, learn about our staff, find support and contact information, and see real-time listings of upcoming webinars.

Rachel Mundhenke, User Experience Developer  said “I was able to build a brand new website for DistributorCentral in record time using DC’s new web builder. I think the site will be a great showcase for the powerful web editing tool coming to DC users soon. And, being one of the first people to test the new platform, I was able to give helpful feedback to make the editor even better. It was so easy to quickly build mobile responsive pages that I want to use this tool for all of my web projects. This platform is the dream of web developers everywhere.”

Visit on your computer, phone, tablet or all three at www.distributorcentral.com

The Siren Song of eCommerce

Do you hear the siren song of the company store? If you don’t, your clients most certainly do. Over the past few years, interest in selling eCommerce solutions has exploded. As a distributor, the appeal of selling an online company store is alluring but, if not properly researched, executed, and monitored, can lead to a very unpleasant outcome for all – lost revenue, non-moving merchandise, and a soured business relationship.

To avoid the potential negative outcomes of an online store solution, there are three steps every distributor needs to take:

1. Ask the right questions – As with so many things in our industry, success boils down to effective and honest communication. There are several dozen questions (at least) you should get clarification on before investing the resources necessary to develop a company store. Some examples are:

  • Does the client have a current online solution? If so, what does it look like (who owns the merchandise, how many products, stocking vs. non-stocking, reporting needs, how is it promoted internally, and how are merchandise substitutions handled – to  name a few)
  • What functionalities do they need from the web solution? Is it secured or open-ended? Is there a shopping cart feature? Do they need real-time inventory updates? How is the shipping calculated?
  • What security parameters do they have for the solution? Will it need to be fully PCI compliant for credit card processing? What type of encryption is necessary?
  • What does the communication process look like for the end user?
  • How is customer care handled?
  • How are returns handled?

2. Formulating the solution – Once you have a full understanding of what the needs of the client are, you need to develop the solution. There are several companies within the industry that can assist with this, including a robust program from DistributorCentral. As you look for a partner to help you, it’s important to ensure the solution you jointly create provides the following:

  • Replicate the look and feel of the client’s site
  • Preserve the user’s shopping experience as they transition from the client’s site to the merchandise store
  • Limited choice – too many products can be more paralyzing that too few
  • Reliable up-time

Many solutions – DC included – allow you to get as creative as your client requires: standalone domain name, credit card processing, and even the ability to upload custom client images to products. The key is to build a solution that will achieve the goals of the client.

3. Ongoing Monitoring – Once the site is built, many distributors assume the orders will just roll in without any further effort. The hard reality is that after the site launches, the real work begins. It’s critical to understand that a company eCommerce site is a living, breathing entity and must be continually monitored, updated, and refreshed. Having quarterly stewardship reviews with your client to honestly discuss the below is essential to long term success:

  • What merchandise is selling – and what is not?
  • What product substitutions need to be made?
  • Are there any customer service issues – and what is being done to solve them?
  • How is the client supporting/promoting the website?
  • How are you planning for seasonality of the merchandise?

Partnering with a client to create an eCommerce site for their internal associates can be scary. However, if you ask the right questions, partner with a company that understands the promotional products industry, and continually communicate with your client, you can avoid the rocky coast and sail your ship to success.

Bill Petrie


Ward/Kraft, Inc. Announces Promotion of Phil Quick, Gina Holt and Chris Farmer

Ward/Kraft, Inc. announces the promotions of Phil Quick to President of Manufacturing, Gina Holt to President of National Sales/Marketing and Chris Farmer to Chief Financial Officer.

Fort Scott, Kansas (PRWeb) April 16, 2015

“A key part of our success hinges on our ability to maximize the talents within our company, to work as a team, and to look to the future. We must know what products to market, what resellers and customers to market to, and what our equipment capabilities are when it comes to profit dollars per hour,” shares Roger Kraft. With that said, we at Ward/Kraft are happy to announce the following promotions within our ever growing company.

Phil Quick, who has been with Ward/Kraft for 25 years, has accepted the promotion to President of Manufacturing.  Phil will oversee manufacturing of all four divisions – Forms, Labels, Plastics and Specialty Coatings as well as Machinery and Maintenance.  “I am excited to work with our members to better serve our customers.  We are committed to the growth and development of our members, investing in additional equipment and looking for more efficient ways to produce quality products and services for our customers.  We as a team are planning not only for now, but for the future, the future of our members and our customers,” shared Quick.

Gina Holt, an 11 year Ward/Kraft member, has accepted the promotion to President of National Sales/Marketing.  Gina will oversee Sales/Marketing in all four divisions– Forms, Labels, Plastics and Specialty Coatings.  Holt says, “I am honored to be part of the great leadership at Ward/Kraft and very excited about the growth and future of such an innovative company.  Our focus on execution in product and technology development has helped establish us as a leader in the Print Industry. With more strategic efforts in product development, technology, as well as sales and marketing, I look forward to working with all our members in driving growth for both our company and our distributors for years to come.”

Chris Farmer, who has been with Ward/Kraft for 4 years, was promoted to the position of Chief Financial Officer. Chris will be overseeing all policies and functionality in accounting as well as performing financial analysis’ for the company. Farmer says, “It is truly a rewarding feeling to be a part of a company like Ward/Kraft who has such a rich history of putting its customers and its members first.  The future is definitely bright here as we continue to grow and develop new markets, products and opportunities while maintaining our legacy of excellence.  I am excited to work with our team of managers to ensure we continue to meet the ever changing needs of the markets we serve and of our members who make that possible.”

About Ward/Kraft, Inc.

Ward/Kraft, Inc. is a national leader in manufacturing Business Forms, Integrated Solutions, Labels, Plastics and Mailers. Ward/Kraft thrives on customer astonishment and offering the best quality and service in the industry. Ward/Kraft has provided distributors with award-winning customer service and product offerings that include PEAK and other industry excellence awards.