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We often think that “green” promotional products are those that are recyclable, biodegradable, made from post consumer or renewable materials, etc. However, if the products are not used or are effective in your customer’s promotional campaign, then resources are still wasted as far as time, money and effort by the end customer which can then hurt your return sales. Furthermore, even if products are made from eco friendly materials, they may have been transported half way around the world, which counters the “green” idea…so it’s also a good idea to check for local Suppliers or businesses that can produce the products, especially if they are low quantity orders.
Eco friendly products definitely have their place in the promotional product industry, however, the “greenest” promotional products are the ones that are actually used and not quickly tossed aside or in the trash. This is where you, the Distributor has a vital role, as you are the specialist that your customer relies on for an effective promotional campaign…even if it’s just your customers business cards, since business cards often lead to more lucrative promotional product orders.
So when your customers ask for green promotional product ideas, make sure to take the all variables into consideration, and most importantly, not sacrifice efficiency for the “idea” of going green.