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The Best Website Solution In The Promotional Product Industry!
When you get your DistributorCentral account, you get a powerful free website creation software. We have online video tutorials, training seminars and templates that provide support to help you build your site, but the design work is up to you and your imagination. There is no limit to how many pages you can create, and you can even create as many websites in your account as well, such as company stores and niche/target websites. DistributorCentral will also host your domain name(s) and your e-mail at no charge. With the customer-friendly version of the DistributorCentral product catalog, your customers can search for products and place orders on your website. They see only retail pricing and no Supplier names or margin codes show. If a customer orders through your website the order goes directly to you where you can then decide when create and send the PO to the supplier. If you already have a website of your own outside of DistributorCentral, we can provide you with a link for the product catalog and shopping cart that you can put onto your existing site. 

Watch our website introduction video below!

E-Commerce Capable Websites: 
Create a website that is designed to sell! Your site will include a built in shopping cart allowing your customers to order online. You can make your website e-commerce capable by integrating merchant account credit card processing and even PayPal! Click Here to watch our website introduction video.
Easily Integrate With Facebook:
DistributorCentral has added features that make it simple for you and your visitors to “Like” products as well as share product information from your site on Facebook. You can even market products on your company’s Facebook Fan Page. Click Here for more information.
Control What Products Display on Your Website: 
DistributorCentral provides tools that easily allow you to create customized catalogs so that you can decide what products you want to market on your website(s). These tools also make it simple for you to create Product Specific Websites and Company Store Websites. Click Here for more information.
Free Domain and Email Hosting: 
We provide FREE domain hosting for your website that you create in your DistributorCentral account. We’ll even host multiple domain names if you create more than one website! Furthermore, we’ll host your email for your domain name(s). You can have as many email accounts and addresses as you like, and easily configure your email with Outlook or other email programs and mobile devices. Click Here for more information.
You have the following options for creating a website in your DistributorCentral account:
1 – You can use our web editor that is included in your DistributorCentral account to design a site. There is no cost involved, however you will need to dedicate time learning our system by watching our website video tutorials. Click on the “Need Help?” button at the top of the page when you are logged into the account to access the educational videos. Click here to watch the easy website creation video. Click here to download the easy website creation guide.
2 – If you want a more advanced website, DistributorCentral has partnered with the following people to provide website design using the DistributorCentral software. Each designer works independently and will have his or her own price structure. Contact the designers to inquire about estimated time of completion, the style of your site and other details. Click here to view their contact information.
Example Websites:
The DistributorCentral website creation software is incredibly versatile and will accommodate the needs of users with no website design experience and professionals with years of website knowledge. Click on the links below to review examples of sites that have been created with the DistributorCentral software, ranging from simple to advanced. These are example websites only, and are not available as templates.
Simple – – Basic website design with no HTML/CSS used
Intermediate – – Moderate website design used with high use of graphics and no HTML/CSS used
Advanced – – Complex website design with high use of graphics and HTML/CSS
Niche/Target – – Moderate website design with a customized catalog and low use of HTML/CSS
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