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What should you do if your customer asks the question, “What promotional products should I use to promote my business?”  Questions like this show that the customer is interested in the products you have to offer, but needs a little help.  Here are some tips that can help you answer that question as well as create a successful promotional campaign for the customer.
1.) Avoid blindly offering products to your customer, instead look at the Target Audience.  You may think a product is great, and that may very well be the case, but it may not be the right product for the customer.  Try to gather information from your customer about who they do business with and who they are trying to reach with promotional products.  Check this blog out for great ideas on Target Audience as it also has some resources for defining the target audience.  Some of the common things to keep in mind:
– Age, what age range is your customer dealing with?
– Gender, is there a heavy focus on male, female or a solid mix?
– Interests, is there a common interest? (The easiest example is for a technology company promoting their brand through USB’s because of the interest of the customers.)
2.) Determine how the promotional products will get to the customers.  Will they need to be handed out?  Will they be mailed?  Lets say you are handing out some large promotional hockey sticks at a state fair, this may not be the best promotion because you have knowledge that the customers will be walking around and something lighter may stay with them more consistently.  Check out for more information .
3.) Find out their budget or an estimation of their promotional budget.  If you have an idea of what they want to spend you can utilize the compare tab in your DistributorCentral account to help match products that come under that cost.  For more information on the compare tab, click here.  More details on tips for the promotional campaign budget and more, click here.