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Google Analytics provides you with great information to help you improve your website with regards to the traffic and how effective a job of marketing your site you’re doing. Google Analytics also helps you pay for the right keywords, target your best markets and engage and convert more customers…Best of all, it’s a free service.

The most common use is probably checking on how much traffic a website receives, along with the source of the traffic and which keyword someone has typed, if they have arrived via a search engine.
However Google Analytics can provide so much more relevant and useful information, for example, the Bounce Rate can be a very important piece of data, this means the percentage of single page visits where the visitor left your site from the landing page without continuing to view any other pages of the site. So you might have a lot of traffic, but if your bounce rate is high then this would suggest the page is not relevant to visitors and you may need to adjust your website title, keywords and other SEO techniques.
You can also view the average time people are spending on your website, again if this figure is low and you are not receiving enquiries, just like  the Bounce Rate, this might suggest that your site is not perceived as being relevant by your website visitors. It could also be an indication that navigation to other relevant pages, for instance a ‘contact us’ feature, is not clear.
Top Exit pages can be another great piece of information, if visitors are browsing various pages of your site, but you are losing them without receiving enquiries then you may need to review your top exit pages and try tweaking/improving them.
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Here’s how to setup your  DC website to use Google Analytics.
– Go to the Website menu and select Add/Edit Websites
– Next, click on the Edit link for your site
– Then click on the Website Traffic Tool
From here, follow the steps to setup your free Google Analytics account. Once setup, they will provide you with a “tracking code” that you can paste in to this section of your account (see example below). After you publish your website, Google Analytics will start providing tracking information within 24 hours.