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One thing about T-shirts is for certain, they are worn is many places.  Each shirt proudly displays it’s design and logo to those around them.  If you have not already, we suggest that you try doing a few promotions using T-shirts that are imprinted or embroidered.
Flashy or Simple?  This question is answered with the type of event.  If it’s for some sort of run or athletic event, you may want to get flashy or use brighter colors.  This draws the attention of the viewers into noticing the shirt.  The downside to the flashy and brighter shirts is that not many people would continue to use them outside of the event.  If the event does not have much news coverage or is more of a smaller social get together, go for a simple shirt with a well placed logo.  These shirts can continue to be worn after the event and exposes quite a few people to the brand.
Screen print or Embroider?  The question gets down to the type of fabric.  Do you have a soft smooth fabric like a cotton t-shirt or do you have rough fabric like denim?  If you have soft fabric, you can easily go with screen printing.  For rough fabric, since the screen print peals away quickly when on a rough surface, use embroidery for those rough surfaces.
The recycled effect.  This is when you give a shirt away to a charity or organization.  There are plenty of donations throughout the US that use these shirts.  If the branded shirt is donated it still has a great chance of displaying your logo or promotion.
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