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(Baltimore, MD) For the 15th consecutive year, Towel Specialties was awarded the Counselor Magazine Distributor Choice Award by ASI on January 21st as the “Best Towel and Robe Supplier.” Additionally, at the same event, Towel Specialties/ Cobblestone Mills was also recognized as the ‘Best Blanket Supplier” for the second time in three years.

“Given everything that our industry went through in 2020,” said Shawn Kanak, the recently promoted president at Towel Specialties, “this meant more to us than ever before. Competing with the pandemic, trying to stay safe, and striving to provide outstanding service to our customers was a challenge, but we’re happy that our efforts were recognized among voters in the industry.”

Towel Specialties has been selected as the ‘Best Towel and Robe Supplier” every year since 2007. They introduced the Xpress Towels line in 2014 and Cobblestone Mills in 2016. In 2018, Towel Specialties was selected as the ASI Supplier of the Year.