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As tech support reps for DistributorCentral, we go through 100’s of emails per week. Many Distributors have fantastic email signatures, complete with contact info, website, social networking links and even ads for specials. However, we come across others that aren’t so great…some don’t even have email signatures at all.
You should treat your email signature almost like it’s a business card. When emailing clients, you should definitely have links to your Facebook, and other social network accounts that you may have, and it’s a perfect way to allow your customer to know what specials you may have as well. BUT, don’t get too carried away. There is a fine line between having a informative signature, and one that’s annoying. In most email programs, you can even setup multiple email signatures, and rotate them depending on who you are contacting, such as a potential customer versus a current customer (see example below).

Oh yeah…It’s perfectly fine to put catchy quotes, or stock verbiage on your personal email signatures, but as far as business emails go, it’s probably best to stray away from adding your favorite quotes, religious verses, “save a tree, don’t print this email”, “do print this, deforestation creates jobs”, or any kind of verbiage that may distract your customer or potential customer. You never know what might offend them, and well, it could cost you a customer.