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Are you looking for a magic button to help generate orders on your website, develop new leads, and keep your customers coming back for more? We get it! When done right, your website is the best and most cost-effective way to market your business.

Now, we all know there is no “magic button” and that having a website can be a lot of work. But don’t worry we’ve got your back.

Here are 5 simple ways to turn your website into a powerful business tool:

  1. Add a Favicon
  2. Setup Payment Processing
  3. Optimize Your Products
  4. Update Regularly
  5. Drive Traffic

1. Add a Favicon…its totally worth it

If you don’t already know what a favicon is, here’s the scoop. A favicon is a small, square representation of your logo that appears in browser tabs, website bookmarks, search results, and even as a badge on mobile device home screens. It’s the easiest way to give your website that professional touch you have been looking for.

The small, but mighty, graphic makes it easy for your clients to recognize your website. The human brain is, after all, wired to respond best to graphics. So, take our advice, and don’t miss out on this powerful way to create brand awareness and improve your customer experience.

We make adding your favicon to your DistributorCentral website easy, learn how to add yours.

2. Setup Payment Processing and Accept Payment in a Safe, & Easy Way

It’s 2019, and customers want the option to pay for their orders with a credit card online. Using DistributorCentral, you can integrate popular payment processors to securely collect payment at the time a customer places their order. It’s easy to setup and gives your customers a true ecommerce experience.

Setup your account for payment processing today!

3.Take the Time to Optimize & Maintain Your Products for Ecommerce

We know you have great products, so let’s make it obvious to your customers too. From keywords and bullet points to product options and images, optimizing your products is the single most important marketing investment you can make to increase product views and customer engagement. Enhance & maintain your product data to create an outstanding online experience for your clients that will keep them coming back, it’s worth the time.

For tips on product optimization, contact your account manager or click here to learn about our product data best practices

4. Update Content Regularly (Don’t neglect your website, content is king)

It only takes about 0.05 seconds for a customer to decide if they like your website or not. Seeing as your website is a direct reflection of your company, you really want to give clients the right impression here.

Whether that’s details on specials, discounts, new case studies, or even a link to your blog. Adding relevant, fresh content on your website will keep customers coming back for more.  (Not to mention the SEO benefits of updating your website regularly).

Join a Webinar to learn more about our website editor so that you can maintain your website.

5. Drive Traffic through Social Media & Advertising

Social media creates a great opportunity for you to connect with your audience, and to build a community for your business.  You can promote great deals, trending products, or new ideas by sharing the direct links to your website on any of the social media channels. This will drive your website traffic up by sharing regularly.

For social media ideas, try our Idea Generator for Social Media Marketing Content. It’s a free calendar that marks days when DistributorCentral will be posting shareable content about products.

Want more product exposure? How does putting your products in front of 28,000 active distributors sound?! Take advantage of DistributorCentral’s many advertising opportunities that will increase your website & product traffic. Contact your account manager today for details.