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When you are on a website, you may notice that some web addresses use http:// while others use https:// . The difference seems subtle, but what it really means is that a website on https:// is secure.

Any data sent online will be protected when submitted through a website that has that secure connection.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer” and is a standard protocol used to protect information transmitted online between a website and a browser.

When a website is encrypted with SSL, information you submit to that website cannot be intercepted by third parties. Usernames, passwords, banking transactions, and other data transfers will remain private and protected.

Why you need SSL

Securing your website creates user trust. Questions about security is one of the top reasons shopping carts are abandoned online. By encrypting your website with SSL, you help assure your customers that their information is protected.

Additionally, having SSL will give your company’s website a boost above a non-secure website in Google search result pages. On the flip-side, if you have a non-secure website, you can expect a drop in your search page rankings.

How to tell if a website is using SSL

The security of a website you are visiting can be seen in the website’s address bar.

You may see any of the following icons next to a URL in the browsers address bar.

Below you will see treatment of secure websites vs. non-secure websites for Chrome version 67 and earlier:

Websites that show a green padlock in the address bar are secure.

Websites using an “info” or “i” icon are not using a private connection.

And now with the release of Google Chrome 68 non-secure sites will be labeled as “Not Secure” as shown below

Websites with this “alert” icon are labeled as “Not secure” and the additional details will say the site is possibly dangerous.

How DistributorCentral can help

Now that you have a basic understanding of SSL, you also understand the importance of having your website secured.

DistributorCentral takes care of the security certificates for you!  All websites hosted on our award-winning, mobile-responsive platform automatically receive an SSL certificate.  It doesn’t matter if you are paying for PRO or taking advantage of our free websites for distributors.