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Have you ever considered using Youtube to grow your business?  If you’ve never considered it try this Link.  It details these points to show how viable videos can be for a business:

  • Why you should consider using video for your business
  • How you can use video to create a competitive advantage
  • Advice on how you can create quality video on a small budget
  • How to use videos at an event
  • Tips on how to take your video to the next level
  • How to upgrade your equipment
  • A key way to get more video views
  • How to integrate video into your social media strategy
To get started, you’ll need to set up a youtube channel for your business.  Here is a great pdf that details creating a youtube channel.  Click Here to find out more.  Some topics you may use for your videos are fun promotional products or helpful tips on how to approach using promotional products.
In DistributorCentral you can add these videos to your website by following these instructions.  We suggest no more than one video on the homepage.  Other videos can be added on a custom page titled videos or the like.  If you have  other social networking, link Youtube to those as well for more exposure.  While doing so remember these points from the Social Media Examiner:
  • Be consistent: The “one-and-done” approach does not work on YouTube. If you want the views and the traffic, you need to be posting and updating your content consistently for best results. Upload new videos and share with your list and sphere of influence as frequently as possible.
  • Provide value: If your video fails to provide any real value to the end user, don’t be surprised when it doesn’t get any real views. Each video needs to deliver your best content, your best-kept secrets and your most effective strategies. How can you raise the bar and provide more value in your videos?
  • Be remarkable: Today, it’s not enough to be posting weekly videos with your tips and content. Using your creative “right-brain marketing approach,” you need toconvey your content in an engaging and entertaining format that separates you from the rest. In short, your videos need to be remarkable. The biggest sin in marketing is to be boring. How can your videos be the opposite of boring?

For an in depth approach to generating subscribers for Youtube, Click Here.