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Distributors Helping Distributors (vol 49) – Interested in Setting Up a Lead Generation & Tracking System for Your Swag Biz?

Previously on DHD we welcomed Michael “Mikey G” Goldstein, serial entrepreneur  and founder of SwitchPitch, who subscribes to the notion of building systems and processes that predict revenue (check out the book Predictable Revenue).

Mikey G shared with us his exact method that he uses to set up a lead generating machine for your promo distributorship. We learned a step-by-step approach to leveraging LinkedIn, LinkedIn Messaging and technologies that connect to LinkedIn, to generate new prospect lists and email campaigns.

Here are three takeaways from our DHD show:

  1. Build a Target List with LinkedIn Tools – start with Sales Navigator and create a search that dials in to your ideal buyer – (company size/industry/title) – and then take that list of prospects from your search and now connect with them through LinkedIn Messenger or an outside email service (e.g. Mail Chimp). This is how to build a target list.
  2. Create a 3-Series Email Campaign & Send It To Your Target List – set up a 3 email series, starting with a question that showcases a benefit to the prospect. Check to see if your contact is the right person and if there’s any interest in discussing your service offer. Send this exact email with a forward in the subject line to any non-responders from the previous week and include an appointment setting tool like Calendly to build your pipeline.
  3. Review the Open and Response Rates – test and figure out what is working and then turn the faucet on!


Hope you pull a nugget (or two!) from this workshop that will help you start to scale your swag biz beyond you…


Josh Frey
The Swag Coach Program

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