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Distributors Helping Distributors (vol 46) – Want the Secret to Doubling Your Promo Sales in 2022?

Previously on DHD we welcomed an All Star panel of industry marketing pros …Tiffany Tarr with DistributorCentral, Bryony Zasman with ZOOM Catalog and Amelia Madl with PromoCorner.  Collectively they present over a dozen free marketing tools we can use to crush our promo sales.  With so many tools & resources  offered (all free), it was tough to keep up with all that was available, but we gave it the old college try!  (SPOILER ALERT:  We will be bringing each of our panelists back for a one-on-one chat so we can dig even deeper into the tools they offer us!)


Below are a three key takeaways from our discussion with Tiffany, Bryony and Amelia, including no cost tools you can leverage right now for your swag biz:

  1. ZOOM Catalog – need a supplier search engine to find and pull product images, descriptions and catalogs to send to your buyers?  Want to create a custom flyer featuring a specific suppliers best seller?  Check out and learn about the tools you can use, and customize, to effectively and professionally close more swag sales.

  2. DistributorCentral – looking for a free alternative to ESP or SAGE product database or maybe you need an ecommerce website for your promo biz so your customers and prospects can order online?  DistributorCentral offers these tools, for free, along with tons of other resources to help you with everything from client presentations to managing your promo business.  Check out to learn more.

  3. PromoCorner – quality content and SEO can help generate referrals and lead flow for your distributor.  From product demo videos to email campaign services to digital marketing tools, PromoCorner helps distributors (like us!) get and close more deals.  Check out to learn more.



Hope you pull a nugget (or two!) from this workshop that will help you start to scale your swag biz beyond you…

Josh Frey
The Swag Coach Program

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