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Rustico LLC advises its customers to be aware of new promotional lines which purport to replicate Rustico’s original blueprint designs
Orem, Utah- April 14, 2017 –  Rustico LLC – a premium leather supplier that designs and creates authentic-high end journals, bags, wallets and accessories – would like to inform customers that a new promotional line was launched earlier this year with products which appear substantially similar to Rustico’s designs. Rustico encourages customers to verify the source and authenticity of these products and to not accidently pass off imitated SKUs, vintage hardware, hand-sewn patterns, and trade dress as original Rustico designs.
“We are not affiliated with, nor do we license our designs to anyone. Genuine Rustico products are only available through us and each product has our unmistakable Mark of Authenticity,” said Isaac Childs, Chief Creative Officer at Rustico. “While we find this type of imitation flattering but disappointing, Rustico’s purpose is to inspire others to live intentionally and leave their mark. We have been in the industry for 15 years doing just that. We are the original architects of our designs and we will continue to provide first-rate, honest business to our customers,” said Childs.
Rustico first learned of one replicating line at the PPAI EXPO earlier this January in Las Vegas.
Rustico attributes its 15 years of success to its commitment to its core values: authenticity, craftsmanship, generosity, and purpose. In fact, each member of the Rustico family is encouraged to live the company’s mantra of being authentic and to channel their inner craftsmanship—creating and designing from within, true to oneself.