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  • We continue to refine the new DistributorCentral product search algorithm based on customer feedback so you can find your products faster. Please keep sending us your feedback so we can further improve our search algorithm.
  • UI updates to the customer requests page, the product placement email, and new features in the custom product information emailer.

Product Search Updates

  • Fuzzy Search: The product search is now even more accurate in detecting fuzzy keywords (like misspellings and partial words) and spellings to produce the search results you wanted.
  • Product Search Splash Page: Added catalogs and recent offers section

Custom Emailer Enhancements

  • Improvements to send custom product information emails to customers:


  • Header link in email goes to distributor’s website.
  • Ability to remove pricing breaks (or, if zeroed – don’t show them).
  • Ability to remove setup pricing.
  • Ability to remove all the fields that are currently un-editable (production time, size, weight, country of manufacture, add info) if desired.
  • Ability to remove “view additional information about this product online.”

Product Placement Report Email

  • Significant UI changes from old to new report emails. It also now draws information from the new product search.

Customer Requests UI

  • The Customer Requests page has received a new UI facelift.

Customer Requests Feedback