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DistributorCentral now offers a new product image uploader. Immediately, you will notice a cleaner design, but the biggest updates are under the hood, because the upgrade makes adding product images faster and it’s easier to use:

  • The new image uploader is more lenient on the types of files you can use.
    • Filetypes accepted include JPG’s, GIF’s, and now PNG’s
  • Once an image is added, it will immediately load to the product and display a preview.
    • This is a time-saving update because you previously had to click multiple buttons to load and see the newly added image
  • For Additional Image Views, you can now select a group of images and load them at once, instead of choosing a single image at a time
  • A “Drag and drop to upload” adds a quick way to upload images
  • There is now no maximum image size, only a minimum image size of 750px on the longest side of the image
  • No need to check the “Medium” and “Thumbnail” image checkboxes anymore, the uploader will automatically resize the image to fit.
  • And an easy to find “X” button will remove the image from your product.

When using our new features, please let us know your thoughts by clicking the “Smiley Face” icon in the top right, we would love to hear your feedback.
For details on how to use the new image uploader, go to our help files: