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WOVIN Brands, a Wisconsin-based supplier, including WOV-IN® (ASI 92980, PPAI 113213, SAGE 54020), Promopet® (ASI 79698, PPAI 468134, SAGE 69183) and Footprints USA (ASI 550030, PPAI 280344, SAGE 67681) has announced that they have acquired Handy Industries (ASI 78206, PPAI 163908, SAGE 60388). WOVIN Brands will relocate production to their facility in Jackson, WI and will begin processing all orders on Friday, June 16th. Handy’s automotive line will not be carried forward. Financial terms of the deal were not released.
“Promopet is committed to being the #1 source for promotional pet products in the industry and we are very excited to add more quality pet items under our roof,” said Jessie Johnson, president of WOVIN Brands. “We look forward to the opportunity to impress Handy’s current customers with our unparalleled customer service and commitment to partnering with our customers.”
Matthew Hung, co-founder and Vice President of Handy Industries said, “Our relationship with Promopet over the years has been meaningful and valuable. Our core philosophies and the way we handle customer service has always been aligned. I can’t think of a better company that could service our existing customers better.”
Johnson continued by saying, “I’m very excited about our company’s growth trajectory. Both this acquisition of Handy Industries and our acquisition of Footprints USA last year were excellent fits for our strategic growth plan. We’re committed to being a valuable and respected, long-term supplier in our industry.”
WOVIN Brands has been providing their customers with excellent customer service and quality products for over 40 years. They are a third-generation family business that truly cares about taking care of their customers and their WOV-IN® line of products is still 100% Made in the USA. WOV-IN® and Promopet® both maintain an ASI 5-star and SAGE A+ rating, they have consistently been named as one of Counselor’s Best Places to Work and were awarded the Supplier Family Business of the Year in 2013. This is WOVIN Brand’s second acquisition in eight months. They acquired Footprints USA in October of 2016.