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GARDNER, Kansas (November 1, 2015) – DistributorCentral (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) announced today that their product data feed is now integrated with industry email blast service provider, PromoCorner. Distributors can now source products directly from the PromoCorner website and also include individual products from the DC database into their own email broadcast using the AutoFlash tool.
“We partnered with DistributorCentral to provide product sourcing, due to DC’s extensive product database. A centralized database of product information is critical to our industry’s future growth, and with DistributorCentral we have access to one of the best!” said Joel Moore, President of PromoCorner.
DistributorCentral lists over forty different integrations and partnerships. Suppliers benefit from integrations such as the one with Promo Corner because it extends the reach of their products to more Distributors beyond DistributorCentral’s product research tool and Distributor hosted websites. When a Supplier makes a real-time update to their product, they are automatically updating their products on all of these sites as well.
“We have made integrations with our database very straightforward and easy by providing the tools to connect information,” said Jason Nokes, President of DistributorCentral.
“Along with sourcing, our partnership with DistributorCentral opens up new opportunities for our distributor subscribers to now include individual products when utilizing our email broadcast tool, AutoFlash. AutoFlash is designed to help distributors reach their clients with attractive and useful email newsletters, featuring offers, videos, catalogs, and now thanks to DC individual product listings,” Moore adds.
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