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We’re excited to announce that DistributorCentral’s partnership with Artistic Toy and Pilot Pen has garnered two PPAI Pyramid Awards this year. These suppliers’ websites use DistributorCentral’s design services, website editor, hosting, and product data manager.


PPAI Pyramid web content
Gold Pyramid Award for Technology Programs Web Content/Functionality – Awarded for website design that represents promotional products and content in a concise and effective way. Artistic Toy’s website incorporates bold colors, fun wiggle effects and custom graphics to highlight the company’s line of plush toys and their commitment to product safety. View the website:


PPAI Pyramid ecommerce
Gold Pyramid Award forTechnology Programs eCommerce Website – Awarded for website functionality that creates an efficient order process. Pilot Pen’s website features DistributorCentral’s product designer, and modern one-page order configuration. These features are enhanced by optimized product data resulting in a streamlined order process. View the website here:


We are honored to work with Artistic Toy & Pilot Pen. We love when this type of collaboration sets our clients’ up for success. And it’s always fun to bring home a little hardware.