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PowerBoost features
DistributorCentral has introduced a number of PowerBoost features to help add further functionality and convenience to your DistributorCentral website(s), such as adding Virtual Sample capability or changing prices for the products on your website. These features can be located by clicking on the Customization menu in the Website Preferences area of your DistributorCentral account.
To enable PowerBoost featues for a website:
(see image below for reference)
– Go to the Websites menu in your account and select Add/Edit Websites
– Click on the Preferences link for the site you want to enable this feature
– Click on the Customization menu
– Select the Click to enable premium preferences link for the preference you would like to apply.
– You’ll then be prompted to enter in a valid credit card number
– Click on Save button and then Publish your website to activate the preference.
Click here to find out more about all of our PowerBoost Features that you can apply in you DistributorCentral account.
DistributorCentral Premium/PowerBoost Features