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Pepco Poms
Jeanna Abercrombie of Pepco Poms of Houston – whose facility so far is fine – is spearheading a drive to collect school supplies and children’s clothing to help families and employees in two near-by small towns hard hit by the flooding, to make sure they have what they need when children do return to school. “I know Red Cross and FEMA will help,” said Jeanna. “This is just the next level of help to aid in the stress of parents and teachers who have also been affected. I just don’t want these small towns to be forgotten. There’s got to be more sunshine and hope.”
Jeanna is collecting the specific items below:

  • Walmart gift cards (so families can shop for themselves)
  • Backpacks
  • School supplies like notebooks, crayons etc.
  • Kids shoes, T-shirts, shorts, socks and underwear, preferably new

Mark the boxes with whatever is inside and ship to:
Jeanna Abercrombie
School Relief Efforts
Pepco Promotional Products
9611 Highway 60 South
Lane City, Texas 77453
If you have questions, email Jeanna at