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Why use DistributorCentral for your online order management system?
The Promotional Product industry can be fierce and it’s constantly changing, with no shortage of competition. Distributors need ways to reduce cost while continuing to be efficient and maintaining a high standard of quality and business ethics. DistributorCentral has an online order management system that is distributor focused, and just so happens to be a utility that can help you achieve this. DistributorCentral’s online ordering system provides an alternative solution that can help streamline your business and present you with far more product information than paper catalogs could ever provide. With the advent of the internet, e-commerce, the growing evolution of the paperless world and the mobile office, there is no better time than now to take the leap to DistributorCentral order management.
It Will Save You Time!
– DistributorCentral’s online ordering system alleviates the need for you to have to navigate to multiple sup­plier websites and learn their ordering system. Having an online ordering system that is distributor focused allows you to have a central location to place and manage your orders, as well as keeping your orders consistent.
Accessibility and Convenience!
– One central location to place all of your orders. Instead of trying to find products by going through stacks of paper catalogs or navigating from website to website, you can use your DistributorCentral account to research and compare products, and place all your orders.
– By keeping things electronic and stored online, you cut down on paper waste in your office as well as save space and memory on your computers hard-drive that can easily get cluttered by orders and artwork files. When orders are placed online they along with artwork files and proofs are stored on our server and will be available for as long as you have your DistributorCentral account.
– The availability to run reports for your orders will help you track your accounts receivable/payable and other accounting numbers. When everything (orders, payments, etc.) are recorded online, reports are literally a few clicks away.
Accurate Orders!
– DistributorCentral allows all of the product information (artwork, proofs, shipping info, etc.) to be presented along with every product. This helps reduce errors and ensures more accurate orders. You also will have the ability to place custom orders for vendors and products that are not listed in DistributorCentral. Once an order is submitted, the information is kept all together in one place, making it easier for you to manage.
Have a Mobile Office!
– Work from home or virtually anywhere with a laptop and a wireless internet card. Using DistributorCentral as your order management system lets you perform all your necessary duties for managing your orders online, allowing you to keep everything accessible from a computer with an internet connection.
Lets Get Started!
Click on the button at the top of your account to view our newly revised videos regarding order management. They’ll help you get on the fast track to using DistributorCentral for your online order management system.