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Top 5 reports that every promotional product PRO supplier that should be reviewing on a regular basis.  All of these reports are available by logging into your account.

1. Product Placement Report

  • On the DistributorCentral Dashboard, select your top keywords to watch. This report examines the top 30 products shown in each of the selected keywords.   It shows which of your products show in the top 30 positions, and how much you’re spending in Product Placement to get that position.  It also shows you which of your competitors are showing in the top 30 positions.

2. Product Traffic Across DistributorCentral

  • This report is found through the Reports List and shows your top products and how many views and clicks each of those products across DistributorCentral’s searchable database, network of 8,500 websites, and as an open-source to other industry service providers.

3. Top 25 Products with Suggested Keywords

  • This report is found through the Reports List and shows your top 25 products viewed in the last 30 days, top keywords distributors and end-users are using to find those products, the average position when those keywords are used, how your product position is trending, how much you are currently spending on Product Placement for that product, and how much you’d need to spend for that product to show up in the 1st or 5th position in those searches.

4. Supplier – Clicked Items by Distributor

  • This report is found through the Reports List and shows the list of distributors that have clicked on your items within DistributorCentral and a list of websites where distributors and end-users have clicked on your products. This report allows you to see exactly who is clicking on your products and the websites where your products are being viewed.

5. Products Added to Cart

  • This report is found through the Reports List and allows you to see which products are being added to the shopping carts of distributors’ websites. These will give you a priority list of which products to test to ensure they are easy to order in the website shopping cart.