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IMAGEN Brands National Accounts Manager, Rory Campbell, has expanded his role to include additional partners, Safeguard, AIA, and The Partnering Group.

Campbell shares, “I’ve been with Vitronic for 15 years. I started as an Inside Sales Rep, then 11 ½ years as a Regional Sales Manager. I moved into my current role as National Account Manager for the past 2 ½ years. I’m excited to start working with Safeguard, AIA, and The Partnering Group distributors, and discuss with them all things IMAGEN Brands has to offer to help them serve their clients in the best possible way.”


Ryan Meulemans, District Sales Manager, comments, “We are very excited to have Rory taking over Safeguard, AIA, and The Partnering Group. Rory has proved great success working with several major customers in the industry. We look forward to him building valuable partnerships with these customers.”

Rory Campbell

Rory Campbell – National Accounts Manager