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IMAGEN Brands, parent company of Crown and Vitronic, is giving back in a unique way, with a teddy bear. Many in the industry know one of its most respected leaders, the late Francis “Fran” Ford, Jr., CAS and his memorable greeting, “Hey, Buddy!” In remembrance of this industry icon, Hey Buddy™ Bear was born. This adorable, fun loving teddy bear was designed with hearts on its paws, a “Hey Buddy™” imprinted t-shirt, and comes with a hang tag with an image of Fran and a special heartfelt message. With every bear sold, IMAGEN Brands will donate towards the Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF). Hey Buddy™ Bear will make his grand debut at the 2019 ASI Shows and PPAI Expo.

“Hey Buddy™ Bear was inspired by a very special friend, Fran Ford. He is someone that has touched so many of us. He gave you that Teddy Bear feeling of being your best friend, someone you could always talk to, and gave you that warm comfort as you traveled through life,” explains Paul Lage, president of IMAGEN Brands. “We all seem to get more than we ever gave. That’s why we are donating some of the proceeds back to the Promotional Products Education Foundations (PPEF) to help others in need. We hope Hey Buddy™ Bear touches others who may have a Fran Ford person in their lives.”