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Over the last few months HUB Pen has taken on two new web developers, David Medeiros, Web and Ecommerce Developer and Tyler Hines, Jr. Web Developer.  Also Business Systems Analyst Terese Cook was promoted to Enterprise Software Manager.

“Over the last year we’ve seen more user adoption of our business systems and improved process efficiencies through the utilization of our software systems,” Terese said.  “I think we owe it to our enthusiastic IT Team. There’s a great dynamic here and everyone works hard but has fun too.”

David Madeiros comes to HUB from corporate Boston where he specialized in back end server code and web applications, and became well versed in programming languages.  “I love it here,” says David.  “It’s a more comfortable atmosphere than what I’m used to in Boston, plus there’s a lot more going on.”

Tyler Hines agrees, “It’s a much more relaxed environment where we are allowed autonomy to do what needs to be done.”  Tyler will is more involved in front end web development and has been building new pages for the website, and is currently working on a company video page.


“It’s an exciting time to be here,” Terese says.  “We are growing so we are lucky to have forward thinking people like Dave and Tyler on our team.”