HUB Multi-Line Reps Now Carrying Beacon Products

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Braintree, MA, March, 2017 – Did you know that Hub Pen’s multi-line reps also represent Beacon Promotions.  Many of our talented reps have been working with Beacon for years and are excited that Hub is joining forces with one of their favorite suppliers.

Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett

Lisa Bennett of Chicago is one such rep. “Most of our customers were familiar with Beacon but they all remark on what a great team Hub/Beacon will make. Hub has a reputation for the best customer service in the industry and Beacon has a vast assortment of products so it’s the best of both worlds,” she recently said.  “As a multi-line rep I love being able to help with projects I may not have been considered for before.  Beacon has so many product categories that it makes the presentations fun too!”
Sharon Wohlleber of Texas had this positive experience.  “Just presented to several different PROforma owners.  I was just getting going on the Online Release Program, and one of the owners spoke up and endorsed how easy the program was to use.  She actually did my presentation for me!  It was hilarious.  Every time I tried to make a point she beat me to the punch!  She covered everything.   For once I was speechless!”
Gerard Schifano who has been working with Beacon rep Sharon Schiffelhuber in his territory of New Jersey, and southern New York said he is “absolutely ecstatic” our teams are working together.  “I applaud the fact that two giants in our industry can come together to join forces,” he said.  “It’s refreshing to uncover customers that have been so loyal to Beacon Promotions over the years and vice versa for Hub customers to Beacon.”
About HUB:
Boston has been described as the “Hub of the Universe” and in the Hub Pen story the same holds true. From Frank and Rita Fleming’s humble beginnings in Boston in 1954 to the 100 million pen annual operations of today, Hub Pen has grown to serve an ever -increasing national and international market.  Our customers have rated us “A” on the SAGE rating system and 5 out of 5 stars on ESP.  For more information on Hub Pen, visit our website at  or call customer service at 800-388-2323.
About Beacon:
Beacon is a multiple Star Supplier Winner with a great reputation for service.  Our customers have rated us “A+” on  SAGE and 5 out of 5 stars on ESP.   Beacon offers a wide selection of products, such as:  Calendars, table covers, housewares, tools, techie, auto, highlighters and Name badges.  You will also find premium leather products in our Canyon Outback Leather line and Name Brand products for executive gifts and incentives.   For more information on Beacon, visit our website at  or call customer service at 800-628-9979.