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Distributors Are Making the Switch With Thousands of New Distributors Using DistributorCentral’s Business Tools Over the Last Two Weeks

The Promotional Products Industry has seen major changes over the last couple of weeks with the impact of COVID-19. As distributors are refocusing their sales efforts and adjusting where they are allocating business expenses, DistributorCentral is seeing a major increase in new distributor engagement. Over the last two weeks, thousands of new distributor customers are using the DC search and business management tools. In addition to that increased usage, we’ve also seen hundreds of distributors create new websites as a method to engage customers using the industry’s most robust technology platform.

Tom Mertz, CEO of DistributorCentral said “During these challenging times we’re seeing record numbers of distributors switch their websites to DC’s robust website solution provided by suppliers”

Tiffany Tarr Vice President of Sales said, “DistributorCentral is in a unique position with this current market. Our platform has always been sponsored by the industry’s best suppliers. Our business belief for decades is that distributors should not have to pay for data that is provided free by suppliers. Distributors don’t pay to view products on supplier’s websites, and I don’t know any distributor who has paid for a supplier’s catalog. Hundreds of suppliers are using DistributorCentral as a sales tool to support their distributor partners. It is more important than any other time for suppliers to support distributor sales efforts through technology”

Any climate where a business is impacted, businesses need to look at ways to streamline how they do business and how they go to market. This is a great time to evaluate your technology tools, update websites and make adjustments to business expenses. DistributorCentral at zero cost to distributors is providing those tools, and giving distributors the best technology platform in the industry. We will see technology be a big winner as this crisis ends and businesses get back on their feet.

Chris Schlemmer – Vice President of Technology said “Selecting the right technology which complements your business is key to long term success. Technology shouldn’t be overbearing or complicated, it should assist you in your day-to-day business activities and provide you the freedom to focus on running your business. DistributorCentral offers a well-rounded, easy-to-use platform to help your business succeed. Our vow as a technology leader is to continually improve and advance our products to ensure your business maintains a strong online presence and is well equipped to be highly successful.

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