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A list was recently published of the Promo industry’s Top Tech Collaborators & Innovators. Dale Denham, MAS+, CIO, Geiger and Jon Norris, VP of Operations, Starline collaborated to recognize those individuals who are leading the tech charge in our industry with their business strategy and execution utilizing technology. The Industry “Tech22” recognizes the industry technology leaders based on their technology and business skills. Today’s IT leaders are a different breed as business acumen and the ability to lead people are at least as important as strong technology skills.
Coming in on the list in the #15 spot are DistributorCentral’s Jason Nokes, President and David Shultz VP of Operations.
Jason and David are on the forefront of web, cloud and mobile solutions for companies of all sizes within the industry. The scalable challenges they have faced hosting over 20,000 websites is no easy feat. Early adopters of PromoStandards, they have continued their drive and desire to see industry standardization flourish. For a small distributor, they make it easy.
DistributorCentral was also recognized as PPAI’s 2016 Industry Collaborator Award recipient at this year’s PPAI Technology Summit.
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