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Gardner, Kansas — DistributorCentral is excited to announce the successful completion of a massive project to upgrade all their 8,500 hosted websites to their 2.0 platform.  The 2.0 platform allows users to design their webpages for varying screen sizes, ensuring the best online experience for their customers.  Additionally, all distributor, supplier, and multi-line rep websites on the 2.0 platform now have SSL certificates and are secure with end-to-end encryption at no additional charge.

Users are already seeing the benefits of increased flexibility by retiring the legacy 1.0 platform with the latest release of 20 new features that would not have been available if those features were required to be backwards compatible with the 1.0 platform.  Some of those new features include: dynamic content that updates automatically, a graphical tile view of the category list, Instant Search, product ribbons, and other popular features from DistributorCentral’s launch of ProductCentral in October.

“All these changes and new features is another step on the long-term plan of giving distributors, suppliers, and end-users the ecommerce experience that they are expecting. Our industry customers are seeing that, which has created a huge spike in new users and new websites.”  –Jason Nokes, President

Distributors can create a free account, search for products, and create up to three free websites with SSL certificates by going to

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