DistributorCentral Thanks Key Employees

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DistributorCentral recently won three technology awards from PPAI.  When a company is recognized for awards like this, it is a team effort.  Everyone is involved from executive level planning and direction, to the sales and support teams voicing feedback and requests from customers.  However, there are also the people who take ownership of the project and do the legwork necessary for it to excel.  For us, this year, those people who worked tirelessly was Charlie Cochran and Rachel Dykes.
Charlie Cochran is our Web Developer who worked on creating our mobile-responsive website platform.  Rachel Dykes is our Web Designer who created DistributorCentral’s company website.
Thank you Charlie & Rachel!

Charlie Cochran (left), Jason Nokes (middle), Rachel Dykes (right)

Charlie Cochran (left), Jason Nokes (middle), Rachel Dykes (right)