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Gardner, KS (July 26, 2016) – DistributorCentral (DC) (PPAI: 220404 | UPIC: DC) announced today that the company was selected as the Promotional Products Association International’s 2016 Industry Collaborator Award recipient. The annual award, presented by PPAI, celebrates the technological achievements by a member company whose efforts help to bring the industry closer together through greater efficiency, information sharing and collaboration.
The 2016 Tech Summit Award winners will be recognized at the PPAI Technology Summit being held on August 17th and 18th in San Francisco, CA. The awards presented at the Tech Summit identify and showcase advances in technology that bring success to individual companies and help advance the industry as a whole.
DistributorCentral was recognized for their Inventory Web Service Solution that provide suppliers an easy way to host a live feed of their inventory data as specified at without the need to design, build and host the service themselves. As part of this service DistributorCentral will host a supplier’s inventory data at no charge and administer credentialing and access to the supplier’s data for industry distributors and service providers.
DistributorCentral’s IT director, Chris Schlemmer, directed the design and build of this new service through which a supplier can easily upload inventory data to DC in a simple, text-based format or by using a pre-built app (downloadable from DC) which can be installed locally on a computer located at the supplier’s facility. Once installed, DC routinely pulls the supplier’s inventory data and re-broadcasts it to the industry per the promostandards specifications. Inventory data is integrated into DC’s product research platform and hosted website platform.
The initial commitment in resources required to design and launch this functionality was an investment that will continue to help service clients and promote enhanced technology and integration solutions long into the future. Early adopters and key DistributorCentral customers such as Alpi International and Omni Apparel were critical to the project as they assisted with early development efforts and testing.
“We are proud to be in a position to offer real-time inventory data from any supplier in industry to every distributor in the industry,” said David Shultz, DistributorCentral’s Vice President of Operations. “Simplifying the process of retrieving and providing access to real-time inventory data saves suppliers and distributors valuable time and money in an increasingly competitive and ever-changing industry landscape.” For more information visit:
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