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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: DistributorCentral Product Count Doubles in 2013

DistributorCentral Product Count Doubles in 2013

GARDNER, Kansas (8/8) – A good bet with DistributorCentral at the start of year would have been to double down. Or, more accurately, to “double up.”

DistributorCentral (DC), a full-feature, centralized product database serving the promotional products industry, reports having doubled the number of products in its database in the first six months of 2013. Nearly 200 suppliers have joined during that time, pushing the total product count over a quarter million.
“January’s (PPAI) Expo gave the first indication 2013 was going to be a special year for DistributorCentral,” said Jason Nokes, President. “The enthusiasm for DC as expressed by suppliers, distributors and service providers proved genuine.”
Nokes attributes the year’s first-half growth spike to a variety of factors ranging from an improving economy to heightened outreach and sales efforts. He specifically credits the unprecedented growth to DC adopting an “open” format by offering basic services free to suppliers, distributors and service providers.
“We continue to offer a menu of services and e-commerce tools with month-to-month contracts,” Nokes said. “The difference has been allowing free access to DC at an entry level and thus providing everyone the ability to place products, host websites and search the industry’s top suppliers.”
Nokes predicts more substantial growth for DC over the next six to 12 months. It’s a case, he said, of enabling suppliers to own and manage their own product data and make it easier for distributors to locate, order and deliver quality products to end users.

DistributorCentral provides the most complete, accurate and full-feature product database in the industry. Envisioned, developed and hosted by suppliers, DC sees nearly two million product searches per month across more than 10,000 distributor websites and DC’s internal catalog. For more information contact Tiffany Tarr ( or Jason Nokes (